Friday, August 15, 2014

Texas Democrats: Drunk Driving D.A. Should Stay, Rick Perry Should Go

Rosemary Lehmberg, the Travis County District Attorney who was busted for DWI after being caught with a B.A.C. three times over the legal limit, is safely ensconced in her bastion of liberalism.

Texas Democrats firmly stand behind the right of a drunk driving D.A. who puts the lives of others at risk by driving while intoxicated, but their leader Gilberto Hinojosa hilariously called for the immediate resignation of Rick Perry after a special prosecutor achieved an indictment against Perry for using his veto power to deny $7.5 million in funds to Lehmberg's office after she refused to resign in the wake of her DWI arrest and guilty plea.

Lehmberg, who was sentenced to 45 days in jail and fined $4,000, faced no real pressure from Hinojosa or any other leading Democratic figure to resign.  When Governor Rick Perry used the threat of a veto to induce her to resign, every Democrat in Texas hysterically screamed about abuse of power, even though there is nothing illegal about the governor vetoing legislation or funding.

Today, Governor Rick Perry was indicted by a grand jury for abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public servant.  The fact is that Texas law explicitly provides for the removal of a D.A. if they are intoxicated on or off the job.  Lehmberg incurred $227,000 in attorneys fees for a civil suit to fend off removal efforts. Those fees and Lehmberg's payments towards the balance are the subject of an ethics investigation. Lehmberg insists that she is paying for the entire tab on her own dime, but acknowledges that she will raise fees for her legal defense from contributors.  

Texas Democrats will doubtless spring to her defense, as the drunkenest public integrity unit head in Texas history continues to draw criticism for her idiotic and unethical behavior.

In effect, Texas Democratic Party state chairman Gilberto Hinojosa has cast his lot with a drunk D.A., defending her right to stay on the job while calling for the immediate resignation of her sober adversary Governor Rick Perry:

"Governor Rick Perry has brought dishonor to his office, his family and the state of Texas. Texans deserve to have leaders that stand up for what is right and work to help families across Texas." 
Of course, Texas families deserve to be put at risk on the roadways by drunk driving district attorneys.  They deserve to have their children and families put a risk of a fatal car accident due to the selfish, irresponsible, and illegal behavior of Rosemary Lehmberg, whose actions were apparently not shameful enough to merit Hinojosa's forceful support for her removal from office.  

In fact, Hinojosa explicitly said Lehmberg shouldn't resign back in April 2013:

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa said Lehmberg should not resign. "She’s taken that office and done wonders with that office and it’s one of the most respected," he said. "If she were belligerent and fighting it and not willing to recognize that she’d done wrong, that would be a different issue."

He acknowledged that his stance is rooted firmly in politics. "Anybody that Rick Perry appoints is going to be far less qualified than our current district attorney in Travis County," he said, "even if you take in to consideration this mistake that she’s made."

This is who the Texas Democratic Party thinks should head the Public Integrity Unit. This is who Texas Democrats point to as someone who is willing to stand up for what is right, and to fight for Texas families:

If that doesn't say enough, perhaps this will:

Texas. It could turn blue from asphyxiation, but it won't ever turn blue with Democrats like Rosemary Lehmberg and Gilberto Hinojosa running the show.  Liberal lunacy, like everything else, really is bigger in Texas.

Idiot Stick:The Bullshit Narratives in Ferguson

The media has invested its considerable resources into canonizing Michael Brown and vilifying the police officer who shot him, because white guilt is real and palpable.  Perusing Huffington Post yields up such titles as "What White People Can Do About the Killing of Black Men in America" and "When the Media Treats White Suspects Better than Black Victims."

Implicit in the headlines is the notion that black men in America are being killed without reason, or that blacks are somehow reduced to victimhood by the suspicion of the police.  It's never that the black individual is a suspect; he is a victim of racism simply by virtue of having fallen under suspicion in the first place.

The Huffington Post is notorious for divorcing statistics from context, as was the case when they printed an article detailing the fact that the murder rate for black Americans was four times the national average.  What the entire article failed to mention was that most of the homicide victims were slaughtered by other blacks.  In certain years, the rate of intraracial homicide for blacks is as high as 93%, and rarely does it slip below 90%.

There are no outraged street protests against the gangs that claim so many black lives each year.  There is no rioting in black neighborhoods that targets the crack houses and residences that serve as headquarters for the local gangs.  Let a police officer shoot a single black male, though, and those same neighborhoods explode in rage.   Businesses are looted and burned, all in the name of satiating the favorite axiom of racially motivated protesters: No Justice, No Peace.

If their own kind are slaughtering black children or adults each year, robbing them left and right, assaulting them to no end, the black community has little outrage to muster.  In fact, they won't cooperate with the police who attempt to investigate, lest they be characterized as snitches for doing so.  In the meantime, the police are regularly castigated for not prioritizing the security of black neighborhoods.

Why would they?  The residents themselves don't prioritize the lives and property of their own kind, nor do they bother to assist the police when they do attempt to investigate homicides, robberies, and assaults.

No Justice, No Peace is the favored slogan of terrorists, who aren't after justice at all.  Justice decrees that an individual be judged based on the evidence, with due process, against the standards of the law.  When that type of justice fails to produce the mob justice desired by racists, they threaten to ruin everyone else's peace as retaliation.   Let us be honest here: the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, don't give a damn about getting righteously outraged when the killer and the victim are both black; they only care to muster the energy to riot and rampage when the killer is a cop and the deceased is a black male, and the facts don't matter.

In the aftermath of Michael Brown's death, we all heard what a quiet, calm, gentle individual he was.  We heard that he was headed to college, and that he was blameless and spotless before both God and man. Then came the releases of surveillance footage showing Michael Brown, all 6'4 and 290 lbs of him, shoving aside the clerk he dwarfed when that clerk attempted to stop him from stealing an entire box of Swisher Sweets.

His friend and accomplice, one Dorian Johnson, raged that the police had shot his friend like an animal in the street without provocation or reason.  What Johnson neglected to mention was that he was present during Michael Brown's assault on the clerk and his theft of store merchandise.   Johnson neglected to mention that he had confessed to police that he and Brown had robbed the convenience store.   The police report detailed the involvement of both Brown and Johnson.

The emergence of another eyewitness, Tiffany Mitchell, buttressed the police's version of events, as Mitchell described Brown wrestling with the officer through the window of his vehicle until the officer's gun discharged.  The police claimed that the officer was treated for facial lacerations as a result of Brown's violent attack, which is consistent with Brown's behavior in the surveillance footage from the convenience store.

Mitchell's first instinct was not to call 9-1-1, or to assist the officer as he was being beaten in his car by Brown.  Her first instinct was to pull out her smartphone and begin recording footage, but she stopped when the shots began ringing out.  Mitchell missed her chance at World Star Hip Hop celebrity, because she only recorded the aftermath of the shooting, with Brown's body lying in the street.

Those outside of the mainstream media, such as bloggers and independent journalists, didn't focus on creating a narrative that exonerated Brown while vilifying police. They found Brown's Facebook profile, along with various other social media profiles, replete with pictures of Brown flipping off the camera, flashing gang signs, and holding a pistol with a mouthful of cash.  White guilt is pandemic among the intelligentsia; those who haven't yet entered the rarefied air of the liberal media do actual legwork.

In the meantime, the media did its part to advance the notion that Ferguson and St. Louis police were suppressing their efforts to cover the police crackdown on rioting, which became mere protests after a night in which one business was burned and up to a dozen more were looted.

The lie was all you could hear on any major network.

Ryan Reilly and Wesley Lowery 

Huffington Post reporter Ryan Reilly was sitting in a McDonald's with his fellow reporter, the Washington Times own Wesley Lowery.  The two young Turks were busy recharging cell phones, jacking free wifi, and dining on haute cuisine.  In walked the police, telling Reilly and Lowery they had to leave.  By Reilly's admission, he didn't show his press credentials or identification when asked to do so by the police officer.

When the policeman told Lowery to pack his things up and get ready to leave the McDonald's, Lowery instead pulled out his smartphone and stuck it in the officer's face.  The officer told Lowery to pack up and go for a minute, while Lowery openly refused to comply.  

Two white reporters in the middle of a racially charged riot, armed with expensive laptops and cell phones, didn't see any real danger from the rampaging protesters outside.  Perhaps they did, which is why they were in the McDonald's "reporting" instead of standing outside in the thick of the action.  Nevertheless, Reilly and Lowery became the story that night.

The police eventually grabbed Reilly and began moving him outside of the restaurant.  By his own account, Reilly went limp.  He couldn't fathom why the officer was screaming "Stop resisting!" at him while he forced the officers to drag his body out of the McDonald's that he refused to walk out of under his own power. Lowery was forcibly removed as well.

The two reporters found themselves in the local jail, where they were detained for all of 15 minutes.  Their 15 minutes of incarceration led to a news cycle or two of infamy, as they sold their martyrdom at the hands of the Ferguson police.  Both reporters work for publications that had little to say about the Department of Justice's efforts targeting James Rosen and his parents for Rosen's reporting, because white guilt is a real and palpable thing.

The rest of the media jumped on the horrible example of oppression, and the brutality with which Reilly and Lowery were removed from a McDonald's and thrown into jail for a quarter of an hour.  Al Jazeera, the favored network of jihadists who like to behead prisoners and bomb innocent civilians, was tear gassed at one point.  Their counterparts in the media rallied in solidarity to peddle the narrative that the Ferguson P.D. and the St. Louis Sheriffs were suppressing the media's coverage. There was only one problem: we know that the Al Jazeera crew was gassed because the police didn't do a thing to the other media crew across the street recording a single tear gas canister exploding in front of the Al Jazeera crew's equipment.

The police allowed the crew to film it all, and they didn't even confiscate their cameras or their film afterwards.  The oppression was on, and it was heavy.   The bullshit narrative rolled on, only to find Ryan Reilly armed with surveillance video and a police report detailing Mike Brown's existence as an arch-criminal with a taste for Swisher Sweets and a propensity for brutalizing those who obstructed his attempts at procuring said Swisher Sweets free of charge.

Facts are strange things; they can move a Huffington Post reporter to lose the white guilt and start reporting the truth about a deceased black male.

In the meantime, Mike Brown's parents railed about character assassination, because telling the truth about their deceased son the thief and assailant of store clerks was tantamount to defamation.  After all, they were entitled to purvey the image of their son as the blameless victim and aspiring scholar, regardless of what he actually did when he was alive in the way of violently abusing others and stealing.

In the meantime, the reaction on Reilly's Twitter feed was mixed: retweets were grudgingly given with cries that Brown's violent on-camera behavior was in no way an indicator that the police officer could have had reason to shoot Brown.

Ferguson, Missouri is well above the average U.S. crime rate, across the board: murders, rapes, robberies, and the like.  Its residents likely have more of an aversion to snitching than they do to the black on black violence that is so pervasive in minority neighborhoods across the country.  There were no protests or riots after any of the 5 homicides of 2011, or the 699 thefts of 2012.  Those were not a big deal.

The death of a teenager who witnesses say was hitting an officer in his vehicle, however, was another matter entirely.  Mike Brown was one of their own, and suddenly the statistical disparities between the black population of Ferguson and the arrest rates came into sharp focus.  It could never be that the black community in Ferguson was more violent or prone to resisting arrest when caught with contraband than white suspects, and therefore more likely to be arrested; color alone was the deciding factor.

And while they were at it, the protesters noted other disturbing facts: while they were a majority in Ferguson, their police department was majority white, their city government was majority white, and their police chief was white.  Lost in all of this was the obvious question: if blacks are the majority in Ferguson, and having their city government resemble the community was an issue of paramount importance, why didn't black voters in Ferguson simply go to the polls and vote for candidates of color?

67.4% of the residents in Ferguson are black.  Just 12.3% of eligible voters in Ferguson cast a ballot in this year's elections, however, and thus the narrative of racial suppression was defeated by the cold hard facts. Blacks in Ferguson are underrepresented because they simply don't bother to vote.

Diversity in Ferguson is the priority of out of town liberal reporters and editors; if it mattered at all to the 70% of minority residents in Ferguson, they'd have changed the racial composition of city government a long time ago.

The Idiot Stick

The bullshit narratives in Ferguson are largely spurred by the debunked values of black victimhood as an ideology.  Mike Brown was no innocent; as the facts come out, it looks increasingly likely that his own actions will be found as the cause for the officer's initial shot at the least, and perhaps even his continued shooting outside the vehicle. Of course, given that one eyewitness is Brown's accomplice, and the other two are individuals of dubious credibility owing to the racial polarization of the incident, we don't actually know that the officer continued firing or even that he actually pursued Brown outside the vehicle.

There's a lot we don't know.  The information that has been revealed has completely destroyed Brown's mythological image as a trouble-free young black man on his way to college.  The media is invested in such mythologies, because it is anything but objective when it comes to black males and the police.  The presumption is that the police are automatically in the wrong, and that the latest dead black teenager is just another example of police overreach or racial animus.

The average black male is more likely to die at the hands of his peers than he will ever be at the hands of the police.  He's more likely to be robbed, beaten, and coerced into joining a criminal gang by his own peers.  If the black community could muster the rage against its own self-destructive tendencies and self-genocide that it apparently reserves for police brutality, it might have climbed out of rampant poverty and the social ills thereof.  If the black community could remember to get out and vote for its own interests instead of staying home, it wouldn't be in the position of lamenting the lack of racial diversity in city governments overseeing majority black municipalities.

At the end of the day, the worst victimizers of young black men and women are other young black men and women, and their elders who refuse to acknowledge their own failures at instilling more respect for human life, in particular for the value of lives within the black community.  Michael Brown is a victim of a culture that doesn't look down on beating or assaulting a white clerk resisting a man of color when he steals merchandise.  Black culture celebrates violence on a level that is horrifying, with websites like WorldStarHipHop monumentalizing the self-inflicted genocide that kills black men and women every day.

White guilt on the part of the liberal media feeds this mythology of victimization and powerlessness; the fact is that blacks could easily reject the kind of culture that results in 12% voter turnout and a total lack of representation in government and civic institutions like the police force, as well as low rates of graduation from high school and college.  Black culture put Michael Brown in the side of that police cruiser by giving him a nihilistic attitude and a total disregard for the value of his own life and a disrespect for the physical well-being of an armed police officer it increasingly appears he attacked.

Like Jews enlisting in the Gestapo or the SS, black culture preaches and instills self-hatred and powerlessness, enabling those who are racist to exploit the black community's own indolence and failure to act in its own interests.  The sad truth is this: the black community does such a fine job of destroying its own that the acts of racist police officers are almost an afterthought.  It excuses Michael Brown and other young black men from culpability for their own decisions that put them in the position to be killed, while insisting on maximum culpability for the police officers and private citizens they assaulted without regard for the risk to their own lives.

Michael Brown didn't die over his theft of Swisher Sweets. He likely died because he tried to reach into the window of a police interceptor and attack an armed officer instead of simply getting on the sidewalk and walking away.  No amount of bullshit narrative can cover the complicity of Michael Brown and black culture in this incident, or the culpability such so-called victims possess when they act like their own lives don't matter by making catastrophically stupid decisions.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What Ferguson, Missouri Is Really About

Last Saturday afternoon, Michael Brown, 18, of Ferguson, Missouri, was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer.  Brown is black, and the officer is presumably white.  We don't know the identity or race of the officer, because that information has not been released due to death threats on social media.

What we do know is this: according to the police, Brown tried to shove the officer into his police cruiser during a confrontation, and struggled with the officer for his gun.

At some point, the officer discharged his gun in the car, and then again fired his weapon outside the car and killed Michael Brown.

According to two eyewitnesses, Piaget Crenshaw and Dorin Johnson, Michael Brown fled on foot after the officer tried to choke him and put him in the cruiser.  The officer fired multiple shots, and when Brown turned to raise his hands and surrender, the officer shot and killed him.

Those are the two versions of what happened last Saturday afternoon, when an 18 year old who was about to start college died.

Since then, Ferguson has been in an uproar.  Protests have devolved into riots and looting over three consecutive nights.  Ferguson has been described as a war zone, and social media is fueling the calls for racially targeted looting.

What Ferguson, Missouri represents to the looters who showed up from out of town to target white-owned businesses is simple: an opportunity.  Not one of the looters actually gives a damn about Michael Brown or police brutality.

As for the Ferguson Police Department, the reaction from the actual community did not develop in a vacuum. A recent racial profiling report by Missouri's attorney general found that blacks in Ferguson were twice as likely as whites to be arrested when stopped by police, even though whites had contraband 34% of the time compared to 22% of the time for blacks.

As the police officer in a CNN video report put it when confronting the protesters: "Bring it, all you fucking animals! Bring it!"

On the one side, you have the paragons of professionalism who call protesters animals and arrest people of color twice as much as whites even when whites have greater rates of contraband possession.

On the other side, you have the residents of Ferguson, Missouri, who seem quite tired of the disparate treatment and understandably outraged by the death of 18 year old Michael Brown.   Added to that mix is every opportunistic race hustler and thug in the surrounding area, come down to Ferguson to loot and raise hell.  We may now count the notorious former snitch and race hustler Al Sharpton among the out of town opportunists, even though Sharpton and his kind made no similar effort after the Missouri Attorney General released his findings on racial profiling in Ferguson.

No, Sharpton and company never show up in time to prevent a death.  They only show up after the fact to capitalize on it.

That is what Ferguson, Missouri is about: indifference in advance of a predictable and preventable death, feigned outrage afterwards by opportunists who don't even live in Ferguson, Missouri, and who would have never gone down to Ferguson, Missouri before 18 year old Michael Brown was gunned down in the street. Indifference has its price, and that price is Michael Brown, and the sanctimonious outrage of opportunistic avengers is a sickening bit of insult after the injury.

The Chronicles of Dear Leader: Cold Water in Martha's Vineyard

Dear Leader has decamped to Martha's Vineyard, after ordering limited airstrikes on ISIS to deter the slaughter of Yazidis.  It has not worked: ISIS has reportedly slaughtered at least 500 Yazidis after taking Sinjar, burying some of the victims alive. Pictures out of Iraq chronicle lines of dead Yazidi corpses, most shot in the head.  Some 300 Yazidi women have been taken into slavery by ISIS, according to reports on the ground.

Dear Leader spent the day playing with seals, and the afternoon remarking on the cold water off of Martha's Vineyard.  Coverage has been mixed: Dear Leader's adoring hordes at Newsweek have remarked that his cool is on display. The Hoover Institution disagrees; a recent opinion editorial by Richard A. Epstein excoriated the President for his refusal to make a decision.  Pax Americana is dead in the eyes of Epstein; in the eyes of ISIS and every other two bit organization on the planet, America is impotent and its leader has no resolve.

Dear Leader has his share of hagiographers waiting in the wings to repair the damage of fair criticism; Thomas Friedman of the New York Times did his bit for the cause with his recent fawning interview of the President. Friedman allowed Dear Leader his bit of revisionism on Syria, yet again allowing the President to go unchallenged on his set narrative that the United States did not arm Syrian rebels.

This is a lie. Frontline recently covered training for Syrian rebels in Qatar, the Washington Post reported the arrival and receipt of CIA provided weapons to Syria's rebels last year, a report that was confirmed by CNN's sources within the U.S. government.  In May 2013, the EU quietly allowed its own ban on arming Syrian rebels to expire. In 2012, the Russians outright accused the U.S. of arming Syria's rebels while the U.S. accused Russia of providing attack helicopters to the Syrian regime.

Reports by Press TV uncovered 600 tons of arms shipments to the Syrian rebels in 2013 by November, and the shipments occurred under the supervision of a CIA command center in Jordan.

In 2012, the New York Times reported on the efforts of a group of CIA officers in Turkey to funnel weapons to Syrian rebels, in partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood with payment from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.  By 2014, Thomas Friedman was allowing President Obama's assertions to the contrary to go unchallenged during an interview, two years after his own newspaper broke the story of the U.S.'s involvement in arming Syrian rebels.

Dear Leader has decamped to the cold waters of Martha's Vineyard, while the world boils over and Iraq's military is rumored to be in the process of a coup effort against Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. He will confer again with the seals and other forms of aquatic life in the coming days, for the counsel he seeks from nature far outweighs the counsel of learned men these days.

With a pliant media, and no election left to win, Dear Leader cannot be bothered with strictures, no matter how valid they might be.  After all, as he explained to Friedman, the disagreements have less to do with his own leadership choices and more to do with dysfunction in the political process, as well as polarization. In the meantime, thousands of Yazidis are dying at the hands of ISIS or on the flight away from ISIS into northeastern Syria.

The seals and the cold water off of Martha's Vineyard beckon.  

Monday, August 11, 2014

Tennessee's Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Wants to Electrocute the Governor

The Tennessee Democratic Party has nominated Charlie Brown for the governor's race.  Brown is a retired engineer who did not raise money or actively campaign. Instead, Charlie Brown sent two letters to the editor of every major newspaper in Tennessee. Those letters outlined Brown's agenda for Tennessee, which included using his salary as governor to buy large deer for hunters, restoring teacher tenure, and raising the speed limit to 80 mph.

Oh, and Brown also indicated his desire to stick incumbent Republican Governor Bill Haslam in the electric chair and put the Bible back in schools.

Should Brown emerge victorious in the race, he'll join a legion of Democratic political figures known for their sane and well-adjusted views like Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia, who asserted that additional Marines on Guam might cause the island to capsize.   Brown could also join hands in Democratic solidarity with Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, whose recent denial that Democrats ever attempted to impeach George W. Bush was met with derision and mockery because Jackson-Lee had sponsored the very articles of impeachment Democrats filed against George W. Bush.

Then again, with Nancy Pelosi arguing that Hamas is a humanitarian organization based on the assurances of our extremely credible friends the Qataris, the Democratic Party is doing a fabulous job of shoring up its prospects in the midterm elections.  Crazy is the order of the day on the lunatic left, and Charlie Brown is just the latest figurehead to emerge.  

Democratic Candidate Has White Supremacist Husband

In your daily dose of liberal lunacy, a Democratic candidate running for a probate judge's seat in Plainfield, Connecticut, has come under fire because her husband is a white supremacist who endorses whites only towns and the establishment of "All-American convenience stores" to advance his agenda.  Anna Zubkova, who obtained her citizenship through marriage to white supremacist Robert Freeman, denied knowing that Freeman was a racist before their marriage:

“He did not have those views when we married, but acquired them after. What am I supposed to do? Divorce him? It’s not unusual for husbands and wives to have different views.”
Yes, it's just another day in the Freeman household when the liberal Democrat and immigrant sits down for dinner with her racist husband to discuss his blog posts on Mindweapons of the Ragnarok.  That's the actual name of Freeman's blog.   Freeman also endorses using non-whites as spies, and informed a Jewish writer for the Daily Beast that persecution was good for him, citing the Jewish conquest of Europe after the Holocaust.  Genocide: it builds character, if you manage to avoid the showers and survive!

Freeman has been a white supremacist for at least 10 of the 17 years he's been married to Anna Zubkova, who is a Ukrainian immigrant.  They have one daughter, and Zubkova stunningly made no effort to disclose her husband's views and his affiliation with at least one neo-Nazi group.  Your Democratic Party, ladies and gentlemen.

Linksluttery! Monday Morning Caffeinated Edition

Yes, it's time for Linksluttery, the rundown of the basics in today's news in abbreviated form.  The world is a terrible place, and that's news you can use on a Monday.

Here to refill your cup of negativity is today's first story from the Times of Israel, which reports that Hamas has been executing tunnel diggers.  Yes, when Hamas kills Muslims and Palestinians, the American Left barely notices or cares, but let the Israeli government knock over a house with Hamas militants inside, and everyone loses their minds.

You can read all about it here, along with the interesting tidbit of information that the tunnels cost some 40% of Hamas's overall budget.

Hillary Clinton opened her mouth recently, which means that lies came out. This go round, Madam Secretary is busy insisting that she disagreed with her former employer over his lack of aid to Syrian rebels.  According to Madam Secretary, the Dishonorable former Senator from New York, this led to the rise of ISIS.  The White House fired back, saying that Hillary was 'fully on board' and denying that their lack of aid for Syrian rebels led to the rise of ISIS. 

Lost in all of this is the reality that the Obama White House did in fact arm and train Syrian rebels, and the arms supplied to Syrian rebels via our pals in Qatar-those who convinced Nancy Pelosi that Hamas was a humanitarian organization-went to jihadist elements in the Syrian rebel factions.  Those elements would later become ISIS, which underlines the fact that the Obama Administration's assistance to Syrian rebels-not the lack thereof-led to the rise of ISIS.

They did not have an arms and training relationship with those rebels.  Oh, and there were reports of the Obama Administration's efforts to arm Syrian rebels dating as far back as 2012, so the staged media pissing match between Dear Leader and Madam Secretary is rather unconvincing.

Gonzo journalist and convicted bugger of Senator Mary Landrieu's offices James O'Keefe is back on the grind, this time walking across the U.S.-Mexico border while dressed as Osama bin Laden.

Soon to be sacked NBC Meet the Press host and psychiatric evaluation subject David Gregory is slamming President Obama for the rapidly expanding terror threat that occurred on his watch. During an exchange with Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, Gregory's multiple personality disorder was on full display, and the neoconservative persona known as Joffrey came out: 

“Is the problem that the Obama administration — wanting to be something other than President Bush – got out of the business of confronting terrorism on a big, global scale and just dealt with it in a more limited way?” he asked. “Is it an underreaction to the terrorist threat?”
Joffrey is quite the articulate persona, describing the terror threat as "big" and "expansive" while Dick Durbin scrambled to adjust to the new interviewer.  Dick had issues handling the breaking ball, as he suggested that the U.S. probably couldn't do anything to stop the expanding threat of ISIS and other terror groups.  The second ranking Democrat in the Senate was reduced to asking "What do we do about it?"

Well, Dick, that's what we're asking you as the second highest ranking Senate Democrat.

Just another day keeping Chuck Todd's seat warm before they cart David Gregory off to CNN, otherwise known as PBS's little brother in the ratings. CNN: The Most Busted and Dusted Name in News.

Speaking of Chuck Todd, he got together with Alan Greenspan's extreme negative tail Andrea Mitchell to rake Obama over the coals for his excuses in Iraq. Making it even more awkward was the fact that Todd and Mitchell did their tête-à-tête right across the table from David Gregory on Meet the Press. New boss, meet old boss.  Mitchell raged over the President's inability to foresee ISIS's rise in Iraq, and her anger over a lack of foresight was ironic given who she's married to-a former Federal Reserve Chairman who saw no housing bubble whatsoever.

Perhaps she could interview her husband about blind spots for insight into the President's myopia.

Liberal journalist Ron Fournier of National Journal joined the dogpile on Fox News Sunday, christening President Obama as the Underestimator in Chief.  Fournier wrote a series of articles warning of the rise of ISIS and its eventual takeover of Iraq a year in advance, so he's quite the Nostradamus.  Of course, Ron Fournier had nothing of the sort to say, having lauded Obama for keeping us out of war in Syria with little warning that Obama's policies might lead to the rise of a jihadist group capable of taking 500 miles swaths of territory across two countries.  

Ron did no such thing. He simply identified the obvious: President Obama had no consistent strategy in Syria. Of course, Ron Fournier also neglected to note that the President was arming the Syrian rebels without any real vetting process.  This is because Fournier is part of the D.C. narrative school, which would have us believe that the President is just now requesting congressional approval for appropriations to arm Syrian rebels that he has been arming all along for two years.

It's really interesting to watch liberal journalists stop acting like Gunga Din and start acting like they're fair and balanced.

Townhall has a rundown of the New York Times amnesty lies front and center this morning.  The usual useless prognostication over Obama's waning influence in Hawaii and what it all means for the midterms is there as well, even though it means nothing because Hawaii is practically irrelevant to the national political scene given that it's merely going along with the obvious national trends.

CNS News is covering the obvious news that other news outlets ignore, namely the fact that the Obama Administration is sending arms to Kurds in Iraq. Dick Durbin is a headliner as well, for his declaration that "only Iraq can save Iraq".  Well, those 500 pound laser guided bombs can't hurt, Dick.

Senator Dianne Feinstein makes the news over at Newsbuster for her warning that ISIS "wants to attack us in our own backyard" and the media's total blackout of her call for expanded military action to stop a backyard attack. For the first time ever, Dianne Feinstein and Screed of Momus are in accord.  The Devil is being fitted for ice skates.

Robert Stacy McCain and John Hoge are standing trial today for defamation and false light invasion of privacy.  Rockville, Maryland is the venue, and notorious Speedway Bomber and drug dealer Brett Kimberlin is the plaintiff.  I could understand the case if McCain, Hoge, or anyone else had said anything good about Brett Kimberlin, but since McCain and Hoge merely highlighted Kimberlin's past as a bomber, attempted and failed murderer, and all around dickhead, it's hard to grasp how the case ever made it to trial.
Kimberlin disputes his status as an accused pedophile, even though his own wife once accused him of having sex with her before she was 16, and author Mark Singer outlined Kimberlin's relationship with an underaged girl with strong insinuations that the relationship was potentially sexual in nature.  Kimberlin's own statements about the girl in question led to the insinuations.
Kimberlin's argument goes like this: yes, I'm a convicted bomber, perjurer, and impersonator of federal officials who used both the Presidential Seal and the insignias of the Department of Defenses illegally, as well as a marijuana dealer, but I didn't fuck my wife until she was actually sixteen and I was over forty no matter what she says!

You can hit the freakin' tip jar to help McCain and Hoge here.

That's the Linksluttery for today, Monday, August 11, 2014.