Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Obama's Brave New Libya NSFW

Below is video footage of rebel atrocities in Libya.  War is an ugly business, but the fact of the matter is that the more we're finding out about what happened on the ground over the past few weeks, the more Libya looks like an Astroturf revolution to displace an inconvenient dictator who'd decided to challenge Western hegemony in Africa.  Many of the rebels aren't even Libyan: they're African mercenaries hired with money provided by Western intelligence agencies and interests.

There's also the report of a U.S. presence on the ground in Libya, which if true, would constitute yet another instance in the already endless progression of unconstitutional acts of the Obama Administration. The Administration has flouted the Constitution and the War Powers Act repeatedly without a shred of resistance from Congress, and it continues to heap up future resentment for Americans at home with its overreach around the globe.

What's more, former U.S. Congressmen Walter Fauntroy, who for a time was presumed dead in Libya, emerged with horrifying firsthand accounts of NATO troops on the ground in Libya beheading and shooting civilians.  Fauntroy claims to have directly witnessed Danish and French troops entering villages and killing civilians while rebels were ordered to stay inside.  In short, Fauntroy's allegations, if true, would mean that NATO troops are committing crimes against humanity and setting up the rebels to take the fall.

The included video was taken from the site, located here.  The site contains various graphic videos of the atrocities being committed in Libya as I write this piece.  Keep in mind that U.S. troops are not supposed to be in Libya, that U.S. military support for the Libyan effort is both illegal under the War Powers Act and wholly unconstitutional, yet nothing is being done to stop the efforts of this Administration to mire the United States in yet another foreign conflict and regime change effort.