Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Federal Issue: Mysterious Illness Affects 12 High School Girls in New York

Public health officials in New York are characterizing the outbreak of identical symptoms among 12 teenaged girls as a "federal issue" and refusing to divulge their diagnosis to the parents of the 12 girls. The girls, all students of Le Roy High School in Genesee County, have suffered from uncontrollable spasms and tics since late 2011.

The first case appeared in September, when Don Miller's daughter began to suffer from sudden tics and spasms. The initial diagnosis by her physician was Conversion Disorder, "a neurological disorder that can be brought on by stress with symptoms that include numbness, paralysis, and inability to speak." However, by November 29, there were six additional cases from Le Roy, and officials from the New York State Department of Health were unable to explain the sudden influx of cases with identical symptoms.  In December, another six girls would develop identical symptoms, and the New York State Department of Health could only assert that the twelve girls were not making up their symptoms.

The symptoms were so severe for one girl that she was unable to return to school and now suffers from seizures.  Although the Department of Health claimed at an informational meeting that they had a diagnosis and were treating the girls, the parents who were present openly voiced their denials when queried out loud by another parent as to their knowledge of a diagnosis.

Dr. Greg Young of the New York State Department of Health insists that the department has ruled out a variety of causes, including illegal drugs, legal drugs, environmental issues and communicable diseases. However, he refused to provide a diagnosis to the parents gathered at the informational meeting, citing HIPPA Privacy Rule separately from the "federal issue."  He claimed that a diagnosis had been made, but the parents of the girls affected by this outbreak openly deny that any such diagnosis has been made at all.

Twelve girls, all of whom are students at Le Roy High School in New York; who are afflicted with the same mysterious illness, unable to live their lives normally and perform simple tasks like driving and going to school.  Their parents have no answers because the neurologist treating the girls has yet to make a diagnosis, and the government agency overseeing the investigation of their symptoms refusing to make the diagnosis it claims to have known to the parents or anyone else.  It's a "federal issue."

Below is the video with Dr. Young citing his justification for refusing to release the diagnosis to the the girls or their parents on the grounds that it is a federal issue, along with an interview of one of the girl's parents.

The causes of this illness are not known, and the government agency entrusted to identify the ailment claims to have an exact diagnosis but refuses to empower either the neurologist treating the girls or their parents with that vital knowledge. It's an outrage, and it's time for ordinary citizens to demand that the government move to help these girls and their parents by releasing that information as soon as possible to enable their treatment, and, if justice requires, a remedy through the courts for damages. Call your congressman, get in touch with representatives and senators from New York, and convey your outrage at the way these 12 girls from Le Roy are being treated by the New York State Department of Public Health.

Click here for the New York State Assembly, and click here for the New York Congressional delegation. Call them, email them, and help these individuals achieve a measure of accountability and transparency from their elected officials and the bureaucrats who have refused to help them thus far in a meaningful way.