Friday, June 22, 2012

A Conversation with Nancy

As part of my ongoing series on Neal Rauhauser, I've slowly and steadily been working my way through the various people in his past.  The information is out there, scattered throughout the Internet, a life lived online through interactions with other people.  People in Linux and Cisco support groups, with their contact information right below the threads and emails that appear on various sites.  People who remember Neal Rauhauser, and who can recount the effect he had on their lives.

And chief among those people is his ex-wife, Nancy Nogg, who I contacted today via telephone.  I introduced myself, and told Nancy that I was writing a series of stories on her ex-husband, and that I wanted to ask her about his allegations on the Daily Kos. Writing as Iowa Boy, Neal had accused his ex-wife of drug use and violence, and I felt that it was only fair that she should have a chance to address these accusations.  Of course, no one who has ever dealt with Neal personally would find his wild accusations credible.

One of those wild accusations was that his ex-wife had to relocate because of threats from various right wingers and Tea Party fans.  According Nancy, she and her children have lived in the same house for fifteen years.  There was no mention of any campaign of right-wing harassment against her or her children throughout our phone call, but there was mention of one recurring theme: Neal's mental instability.

When you cross paths with Neal Rauhauser, and he decides to fixate on you as a target, you'll understand all too well the depth of his anger and his capacity for vindictive behavior, as well as his grandiose notions of his own impact on the lives and fortunes of others.  Then again, there are times when Neal's grandiose notions are quite in line with reality.  He and his allies in the Beandog Militia did ruin the existence, career, and life of one Greg W. Howard.  They didn't just target him as an individual; rather, they went after his son and his spouse as well.  They constructed various accounts, built and registered various websites, and generally reduced Greg's online reputation to shambles.

As a result, Greg W. Howard languishes with qualification and skills in various low-paying and menial jobs.  Greg was not the only target of Neal and his minions.  Patrick Read found himself on the receiving end of many of the same tactics for coming to the defense of Greg, and for vigorously documenting and opposing the antics of various Wrecking Crew members as well as the Beandogs.  As implausible as it might have seemed to those of us who watched the Wrecking Crew begin, by the time it ended its members were making alliances and cooperating with the remnants of the Beandogs to go after Greg and Patrick.  Patrick's wife had her workplace contacted, and Patrick had to deal with the police right before his wedding last year as part of the fallout.

It should not surprise you to hear that Nancy Nogg, the ex-wife of Neal Rauhauser, suffered from Neal's capacity for cruelty when she and Neal squared off in a divorce.  As Nancy puts it, she had a choice: she could raise her children, or she could raise Neal.  She chose to raise her children, and by all indications, those children have grown up to be bright and decent individuals.  Ari is now 15 years old, interested in art and his observations about politics seem quite fitting, given the way people on both sides of the partisan divide act.  As Nancy quoted him to me during our conversation, "They're the Bloods and the Crips, mom, and they even wear the same colors."  Indeed.

Madeline plays the cello and makes straight A's.  She has a musical ability that enables her to pick up any instrument she's interested in, and she's learning Mandarin.

Neal is absent from the lives of his children.  Though Nancy Nogg is a cancer survivor who had to endure that disease alone, she's raised two children on her own since 2002 and she's largely been their sole means of financial support.  Neal is $30,000 behind in child support, and Nancy can't find an address for the state of Nebraska to pursue her husband for his obligations.  I gave her two of the addresses I had found in my investigation, the two that I considered the best possible candidates as residences for Neal, and I told her that I would help her any way that I could in her quest to locate Neal and enforce his legal obligations to financially support his children.

Nancy has nothing but good things to say about the Rauhauser family, gushing with praise for Neal's parents and the great-uncle who sees her children regularly. They are surrounded by love, and while Neal isn't there to contribute as a father either emotionally or financially, his parents and his extended family do their part to make up for his shortcomings.

How is it that Neal's family can be so loving and empathetic, and so caring and affectionate towards his children, while Neal's actions indicate a lack of anything but apathy towards his roles and responsibilities as a father?  Well, Neal isn't a Rauhauser by blood.  He was adopted as an infant, and raised by the family that nurtures his children in much the same way that they nurtured him as a child.  He doesn't have the excuse of a tortured upbringing to point to for his present existence as an online bully who delights in the torment of those he disagrees with politically.

When I began writing these pieces, and I decided to focus on Neal's origins, I was struck by how decent, simple, and normal everyone around him in Iowa seemed.  Neal's parents are just regular rural folk.  There's no evidence that they support his online behavior, or even that they possess the same rabidly partisan political outlook their son has.  In point of fact, there's nothing whatsoever to explain Neal's attitude or his conduct present in the lives of the elders who raised him.

In Omaha, there's nothing about Neal's correspondence with various technical support groups and the bulletin boards they populate to explain how he became a radical left-wing operative with a seeming hatred for conservatives and Tea Partiers.  There's just a guy asking questions about networks and various technical hardware, but glimpses of Neal's nature did come through on occasion.

These are two messages posted on a technical board for systems engineers and networking specialists, all of whom have various threads about the problems they're facing with their own networks and hardware. Down in the threads, buried among questions about routers and motherboards, is Neal's contribution, a rant about Sprint's cellphone billing.  To be fair, anyone who has ever had Sprint in the past can attest to how maddening their invoices are.  When I lived in Tennessee, I had a Sprint cellphone for a short time, and I could have throttled them for the billing.  I did what any sane person would do: I paid to cut my contract short, and then switched to Cricket.  My bill was a consistent $45 a month from there on out.

What's curious about Neal's reaction, however, is that he posts a letter in the middle of threads about serious technical questions recounting his irritation with Sprint, and then comes the grandiosity we expect: "I figure this email alone is worth maybe $200,000 in negative advertising."  There's the inflated sense of power and influence Neal has about himself and his actions, an inflated sense many of us have dealt with firsthand.

Nancy Nogg certainly has.  There was a pause early in our phone conversation, and then a simple question from Nancy to me.  "What's that movie, the one with Russell Crowe in it?  I can't think of it...oh, a Beautiful Mind! Have you seen that movie?"  I answered that I had, and what Nancy said next surprised me.  "I can't watch it.  It reminds me of what my marriage was like."

Nancy then began to open up about Neal, and the specifics of her divorce with him.  She told me how she'd struggled through miscarriages, and finally conceived Madeline only to have Neal refuse to give her the daily injections she needed to make it through her pregnancy. Her good friend came over to give her the injections while her husband, the father of her unborn child, sat aside and refused to assist in any way, shape, fashion, or form.

And when Neal and Nancy divorced, Neal's antics were sufficiently disturbing enough to result in a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation.  What the psychiatrist found was a man who was deeply disturbed, possessed of the worst narcissism he'd ever seen. Neal had reactive attachment disorder. He was sociopathic, and his behavior resulted in Neal facing various difficulties socially and professionally.  Today, from what we've seen of Neal and his behavior online, the pathologies fit.  The grandiosity, the unlimited ambition, the delusional sense of self-importance, and the inability to tolerate or endure any personal criticism as an individual, or any personal criticism directed at those whom Neal considers to be allies, all fit with Neal's current and past idiopathic behavior.  Only it really isn't idiopathic, because Neal has acted like this for some time.

Marriage to Neal was not a happy experience for Nancy, and what one detects in her voice as she talks about Neal is a weariness.  She's dealt with him attacking her computers, his various emotional outbursts, and the anger of her children at the absent father who doesn't meet his financial obligations, much less his obligation to be present and emotionally fit while present.  She's survived Neal and cancer, but the experience has clearly worn on her.

Still, she seems happy when she talks about the relationship her children have with Neal's parents and his uncle.  She recounts how Ari spent time at the parents' farm, and how they've accepted and embraced and supported her in Neal's absence by offering their love and affection to her children.

The struggles of single motherhood are there for Nancy to endure: financial, emotional, and otherwise.  She's dated the same man for some time now, but she's a traditional woman. She won't live with him before marriage, and she's raising her children religiously in the Jewish faith.  She conveys her disagreement with how Neal refuses to treat those he disagrees with politically with an anecdote about her own boss's Christian faith.  While they obviously don't see eye to eye on religion, Nancy praises her boss as a good person and a friend.

You just don't treat people like that, she says, and I concur.  "You treat the people you disagree with with a measure of respect and civility," I say.  We agree on that much, and we agree that Neal's inability or unwillingness to do this is what separates him from us and the world at large.  And so it is that my conversation with Nancy draws to a close, and we exchange goodbyes after telling each other our stories about Neal, the common link we share.  And like so many other conversations I've had with others about Neal as a common link, this one is tinged with sadness over the way he treats others and the utter refusal to act with that common decency so ubiquitous among the ordinary people Neal has denigrated time and time again.

We can't all possess the same lack of empathy as the Speedway Bomber, and so it is that most of us in the ranks of ordinary folks can't get along with Neal Rauhauser.

But later on in the afternoon, I receive a text from Nancy saying that Neal has popped up out of the blue with a text saying that he's sending money.  It's a small amount, but it's more than what he's sent previously.  Though Neal regales the world with tales of his Lyme Disease and how it inhibits his ability to work, he has all the time in the world to post videos on Youtube from Zuccotti Park about the impending Kookpocalypse or write screeds about wind power.  In the meantime, his children go without a present father or even financial support from their absent father.  Their mother hopes for someone to help her with an address for the state of Nebraska to pursue Neal for his unpaid child support.

And it's rather ironic that Neal, a man who delighted in siccing people on Greg W. Howard over his unpaid child support obligations, allegedly owes more than four times the child support that Greg owed. And while he makes excuses about his inability to work, all the while galavanting off to the Occupy events and engaging in horseplay online, he also hurls acidic remarks through various sock accounts on Twitter at his enemies for their failures.  He's a hypocrite, and likely a liar as well, and this is made all the more pitiful by the fact that one of Neal's online professional resumes lists his minimum hourly rate as a networking profession with Cisco certification at $125 an hour.    This is a man who can't meet his obligation to his children as a father.  I'm sure that seems credible in light of the facts that are coming out, and light of Neal's documented behavior over the past two years. Neal worked, he just worked at something other than the career that could afford him the ability to meet his obligations as a man to his children.  That says everything about Neal Rauhauser's priorities and his character, but it also explains his total lack of decency towards others.  Just look at the way he treats his own children.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Neal Rauhauser, From the Beginning

Where Neal began.
After my own dealing with Neal Rauhauser, I've come to the conclusion that many of us in the blogging community have focused on his last decade or so of history. No one has actually gone back to his beginnings in Graettinger, IA, along a little Rural Route where his parents brought a farmhouse in Palo Alto County, Iowa.  The house still stands to this day, almost 93 years after it was built.

The story of Neal Rauhauser begins like so many others do, in a small American town in a rural area of a small state like Iowa.  His parents brought him to that old brick farmhouse in the Seventies when Neal was just a boy, and he would go on play basketball at Graettinger Community High School, graduating in 1985.  There were few indications that Neal would go on to infamy as a cyberbully and troll, let alone a career as a Democratic Party operative.

And, like so many lives do, Neal's life led him back to that farmhouse, where, in a post on the Daily Kos dated Monday August 03, 2009 AT 09:04 PM PDT, he posted a picture of that farmhouse as he explained how he lived in an area famed for its high winds.  Neal had returned to Graettinger with big plans for a wind-powered ammonia plant, to be built on the outskirts of town.  Neal's life hadn't turned out the way he'd wanted it to turn out.  He'd been married and divorced, with two children back in Omaha and an ex-wife who'd taken him for over $1,300 a month, a fact that he lamented in his capacity as a commenter named Iowa Boy on The Daily Kos.

Neal's multiple profiles on Daily Kos would eventually cross him up, providing others with the confirmation that he was not only Stranded Wind, but also Iowa Boy, as the graphic to the left will illustrate.
And it would also get him in trouble, as Neal's capacity for blustering bravado would lead him to post the following comment about Dick Cheney as Iowa Boy, a comment which would prove to be great fodder for the conservative bloggers and tweeters he antagonized almost daily online.

Neal blustered, he ranted, he fulminated, and he generally tried to make himself appear bigger and larger than he actually was.  Today, there is no ammonia plant outside of Graettinger, no heroic accomplishment for the hometown boy who once lobbied Republican Senator Charles Grassley to keep the subsidies that would fund his ammonia plant and keep the dream alive.  There are various websites and blogs, all of which promise news on the Spirit Lake project in the spring or summer of 2012.

A call to the number at the Freedomag website gets you through the voicemail of Steve Gruhn, one of the three principals listed at Freedom Fertilizer's website.  In the about section of the Freedomag site, the following is written:

"Freedom Ag, LLC, is an emergent Iowa clean technology firm focused on the agricultural sector.  We are currently securing resources to move from lab-tested systems to commercial protyping."

For almost half a decade now, the company, through its various iterations, has been moving forward to a plant at Spirit Lake, but the plant has never materialized.  A $100-$150 million project, as Neal noted, has yet to break ground in either of the two proposed sites considered for its location in Iowa. On, Neal boasts that the financing for the plant is unaffected by the crash of 2008, a crash that is arguably still ongoing.  This is because Freedom Fertilizer/Freedomag's project at Spirit Lake is based in commodities rather than financial devices like derivatives.

And though Neal put himself front and center in questioning Senator Grassley as to the survival of wind energy tax credits, saying that he was working with Steve Gruhn to generate power and eventually ammonia using a 90-year-old Haberbosch process.  In truth, Neal was part of his own Stranded Wind Initiative, and he was not a principal in Freedom Fertilizer.  He wanted farmers to put forth $100,000 for his idea, and the federal government to foot the other $100,000 to start up the plant.  In his post, however, Neal says that the plant will cost $100-$150 million.  Neal's query and lobbying of Senator Grassley at the Estherville Rotary Club was reported by Michael Tidemann of the Estherville Daily News in March of 2008.

$200,000 in start up capital for a plant costing as much as $150 million, and federal subsidies to boot!  Over half a decade after Freedom Fertilizer started with the idea of a wind powered ammonia plant, its new website states that it is securing the resources to move from lab-tested systems to commercial prototypes, with no plant at Spirit Lake.

And there in the middle of it all, with his self-started Stranded Wind Initiative, was Neal Rauhauser, right before he became a rabidly partisan political operative who would go on to infamy for his deeds on Twitter and his threats of lawfare towards conservative bloggers.

To understand how Neal became who he is today, we need to go back in time, to his marriage to one Nancy Nogg, daughter of a wealthy Jewish family in Omaha, Nebraska.  The Nogg family was a pillar of the Omaha community and a fixture in the Jewish community as well. Irving and Marian Todd Nogg (maiden name: Wolpa) had four children, Carole, Russell, Margery, and Nancy, who was the youngest.
The Nogg children were largely a success in their own right, with Russell going on to work as an estate lawyer in Anchorage, Alaska.  He and his spouse Jeanne made their life up north, while the girls married, with Carole settling in as Mrs. Robert Adelstein in Denver, and Margery settling in as Ms. Hughes in Minneapolis.

And that left Nancy Nogg, the baby of the family, who had gone off to college in Madison, Wisconsin and returned with her bachelor's.  Nancy would go on to get her Master's in Business Administration from the University of Omaha at Nebraska, and eventually she would become the assistant dean of the business school.  But on June 2nd, 1996, Nancy Nogg became Nancy Rauhauser, as the Douglas County Clerk's online records prove.  The first addition to the family was little Ari Rauhauser, a boy who closely resembled his father.  Next came a daughter, Madeline, whose picture is to the right.

Neal was busy bettering himself just as his wife had done, and in 2000 he received his Cisco certifications and began work in his field.  Effective January 3rd, 2000, Nancy also received good news career-wise: she replaced Bill Swanson as the Assistant Dean of the College of Business Administration, just three years after received her MBA from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. It was a busy year for the Rauhauser family.

Ari would have been born in February of 1997, because his bar mitzvah took place on February 6th, 2010.  His sister Madeline was nine at the time, which would put her birth just after the momentous news that her mother had been hired as an assistant dean while her father had achieved the certification necessary to start a new and potentially lucrative career working with computer networks.  It would also mean that Nancy was pregnant in June of 1996 when she and Neal had gotten married.

And so it was that the Rauhauser family seemed ready to make new headway, with two children and a life in which both Neal and Nancy would have had thriving careers.  But within two short years, according to the posts of Iowa Boy, Neal's alter ego at The Daily Kos, things would come unraveled in the Rauhauser-Nogg household.  According to his post dated Wednesday, June 6th, 2007 at 10:15:14 PM PDT, Neal was just getting back to a sense of normalcy when Nancy hit him with a lawsuit for back support.  He had to liquidate his inventory in order to avoid sixty days in jail in order to pay his ex-wife $5,000, a fact which makes his castigation of Greg W. Howard for being overdue on child support seem all that much more harsh and hypocritical.

The death of Irving Nogg in 2001 could not have been easy on the family, given that he was Nancy's father and she was his youngest daughter.  Irving left behind a life of accomplishment, and a high standard for Neal to meet, because Irving spent 53 years in the truck transportation business, 43 of them as a partner in I-Go Van and Storage, eventually retiring as president and manager in 1989.  The Nogg family still runs I-Go Van and Storage with three locations in the Omaha and Sioux City areas.

There were ugly accusations, and the divorce was every bit as acrimonious and personal as divorces typically are, if Neal's online allegations about his wife's drug habit are any indication.  Still, Nancy Nogg continued on as the Assistant Dean of the College of Business Administration until around 2004, when she left to pursue jobs as a consultant while Neal built his own professional career.  Eventually, Nancy would wind up at the Omaha Conservatory of Music as the director Marketing and Development.

Neal would wind up across the country leading a social network war against conservative bloggers in his capacity as the founder of Progressive PST, a consulting firm he cofounded with Beth Becker.  If the bar mitzvah announcement of his son Ari's 13th birthday is any indicator, Neal wasn't present all that much in his son's life. The announcement pointedly omits any mention of Ari's father.

There's little evidence that Neal's upbringing was rabidly partisan, or filled with political intrigues.  In truth, it's Nancy Nogg's mother Marion who had the record as an activist. Marion's alma mater Briar Cliff notes how versatile an English major can be by pointing out Marion Nogg's public activist work.  And while Nancy Nogg's Facebook page indicates a like for Barack Obama, there is precious little evidence that her hatred of right wing conservatism burns as bright as her ex-husband's.  Nancy appears to have a life outside of political activism, online smear campaigns, and dirty tricks that belies her past connection to Neal Rauhauser.

Nancy's public image and record as a driven career woman defy Neal's characterization of her as a   woman struggling with addiction, because Neal's post as Iowa Boy on Thursday, May 25th, 2006 at 07:51:40 PM PDT alleges that Nancy had a crash St. Patrick's Day 2005, and that she may have gone through treatment afterwards.

Then again, Neal also alleges that he defended himself by putting his ex-wife in a painful stress position utilizing the martial art Hap Ki Do, after she got angry with him and threw a punch when she became frustrated with her inability to hit him with thrown dishware.  Such is the way of Neal, where his enemies, even the mother of his children, are subjected to one online disclosure and allegation after another of impropriety, all of which is traceable due to Neal's own failure to maintain discretion and his inability to keep his online personas straight.

Today, Neal Rauhauser doesn't even appear on Progressive PST's website, a fact that belies the about us section's note that Progressive PST was founded by a couple of Daily Kos bloggers.  Only Beth Becker appears with a bio as one of the two founders of Progressive PST.  Neal is absent, just as he is absent from any of Freedomag's websites or online promotional materials.

However, assuming the divorce from Nancy was as bitter as Neal's public postings as Iowa Boy indicate it was, and given what we can deduce from his presence on the East Coast and his near constant activity on the side of the country that is opposite to his own children, we can perhaps understand the bitterness that drives Neal.  After all, by 2007, he'd added Lyme Disease to his Asperger's Syndrome, a disease that was every bit as physically debilitating as his Asperger's was socially debilitating. Today, when Neal does get out of bed to go out and live his life, he does so as man reviled throughout the Internet for his associations with men like Brett Kimberlin, and his posturing overstatements as regards his involvement with wind-powered ammonia plants, Project Vigilance, and his attempts to link up with the Anonymous movement, whose members routinely refer to him in derogatory fashion in their IRCs.  References like SPAI and remarks about his age are the norm, as Neal attempts to co-opt yet another online effort just as he did with the Beandog Militia.

He's a man with multiple employers in his wake, multiple company startups that went nowhere, and multiple initiatives to do this and that.  He retreated from Omaha to the farmhouse his parents raised him in, and you can detect a bit of wistfulness in his reference to the house of his upbringing: "My home, such as I have one..."

The Aaron Walker complaint against Neal poetically and somewhat ironically enough lists the parking lot of a Walgreen's at 220 South Century Blvd in an unnamed city (by my choice) in Illinois as Neal's residence.  He's a man with no real home, just a houseguest of various individuals like Beth Becker and Brett Kimberlin who allow him to visit and drive their ideas and proposals into realization with his technical skills.  Neal Rauhauser is, if his life before he became the Neal Rauhauser we know today is any indicator, a nomad.

There are addresses in Nebraska, in Iowa, in Illinois, and now under the names of his companies in Eastern Seaboard states as Neal tries to evade being located by the numerous right wing bloggers would doubtless love to serve process for civil actions and depositions on him for the acts he's committed over the past two years.  And so it is that Neal Rauhauser cannot even use his own name online any longer, nor can he put an address under his actual name, because that name is so attached to the various and sundry underhanded, unethical, and possibly illegal deeds he committed over a two year period in which he stalked, harassed, intimidated, and intimated admittedly frivolous legal action for the purpose of inconveniencing and harassing his prey.  His children continue to grow into adults in Omaha, and Neal fights against invisible enemies and non-existent conspiracies against his progressive heroes like Anthony Weiner while the life he left behind continue with a void in his place.

Throughout the past six or seven years, Neal's public online behavior has targeted the mother of his child with allegations of drug use, spousal abuse, and insinuated that she had to enter treatment for her substance abuse in 2005.  No one had to hack Neal's computer to get that information; he put it out for the world to see and then revealed himself as the poster.  The same is true of virtually every other former friend of Neal's who didn't conform to Neal's standards, from the Beandogs to his musings about Ron Brynaert's sanity and his public distaste for Brett Kimberlin, whom he was chagrined to realize was a mutual acquaintance of his and Brynaert's.

Neal doesn't have friends, he has present associates he can't preserve due to his own self-destructive actions.  He can't claim his companies, and they can't claim him because the brand attached to his name is so  radioactive at this point that it would be professional suicide to have his name on the masthead at Progressive PST.  He's lost his posting privileges as Stranded Wind at the Daily Kos, a leftist site whose standards take a tremendous amount of testing before the administrators will deign to kick someone off of the site.  So it is that Neal Rauhauser, a professional online troll with few if any visible friends and a family he has little to do with if the visible online evidence is any indicator, continues his nomadic existence and his journey from present associate to present associate, each inevitably destined to fall into the category of former associates who cannot publicly acknowledge their affiliation or involvement with him or his self-destructive actions.

Don't begrudge him his outrageous antics online, because they're all he has left to go with his delusions of grandeur about a wind-powered ammonia plant on the outskirts of his hometown and a social networking effort that will return truly partisan progressives to a majority in Congress where they can re-make the country.  Unfortunately, given the political realities of the present day, Neal's dreams have absolutely no chance of being realized.

His own ally, Democratic candidate for Congress in Washington's District 1 Darcy Burner, revealed as much when she refused to give contributions to Barack Obama in December 2011 on the grounds that he was a Republican.  Disappointment is destiny for Neal, and the only solace he has is in feeling as if he took a few of the people from the other side with him, people like Greg W. Howard and Patrick Read.  Then again, no matter how badly they've been inconvenienced by Neal's antics and those of his allies, they can still show their faces and use their names on Twitter and they still have families.  Neal's life is what is, and perhaps a glimpse of it from the beginning with an emphasis on the past sixteen years will add some context to why he is the way that he is.

(Author's note: this piece will be updated with more information as I assimilate it.  Two years of Google Alerts on Neal and his antics have given me a wealth of information and data to write about, and I held off until his alliance with Kimberlin produced an attack on our right to write and blog freely.)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Few Words on the Elusive Mr. Rauhauser

If there is one good thing that has come out of the Brett Kimberlin (or as I like to refer to him, the Mad Bomber) episode, it is that conservative and libertarian bloggers and even a few progressives are now a united front against the Mad Bomber's attempts to suppress any speech that truthfully represents his past as a depraved lunatic and convicted bomber who severely injured two people. Moreover, Brett Kimberlin is a convicted perjurer, a fact that should be brought up time and time again by anyone who faced with spurious lawsuits by him in the future.

The Left often likes to criticize the Right for associations in order to impute guilt.  Say what you will about most rightists, and the speech they use towards Muslims and gays, speech that I personally have criticized on many occasions...they don't set off bombs and maim other human beings, nor do they typically belong to any organizations that do.  We have a President whose association with a founding member of the terrorist group Weather Underground disqualifies him from making any comment about extremism whatsoever.  President Obama has no problem associating with William Ayers, a man who co-founded the Weather Underground and lost his girlfriend Diana Oughton when the bombs she was helping to prepare detonating and killed her.

The fact that one of the other victims, a man by the name of Terry Robbins, had been William Ayers's roommate is significant, as is the fact that they were building the bombs to blow up at a non-commissioned officers dance at Fort Dix, New Jersey.  Granted, Ayers was living in Michigan when the incident occurred, but it's hard to see how he didn't know that his own girlfriend and roommate weren't involved in such conduct, especially since both were part of the group he co-founded.

There's a difference between offensive speech and building bombs. The former is protected by the First Amendment; the latter is not protected by any enshrined right within the Constitution whatsoever.  There is no natural right to build bombs and detonate them as part of your personal expression of disapproval towards a particular war or policy.  That is why most rightists who engage in offensive speech stop at offensive speech, while certain leftists who have a history of engaging in offensive speech also have involvement in actual violence in their backgrounds.

I want to express this as clearly as possible: Brett Kimberlin and William Ayers are both sociopaths. Neither has ever expressed any contrition for what they did, or for the legacy of violence and suffering they left in their wake. On the contrary, Mr. Ayers says that he wishes he would have done more.  Mr. Kimberlin insists to this day that a witness at his trial was hypnotized and he further alleges that the judge at his civil trial was corrupt.  Be that as it may, what Mr. Kimberlin cannot dispute is the fact that he set off bombs, the last of which resulted in the amputation of Carl DeLong's leg.

In the eyes of Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser, drawing Mohammed is a hate crime. What, pray tell, is setting off a bomb that blows the leg off of a civilian and severely injures his wife as well?  A love crime? The fact that Brett Kimberlin, whose use of our court systems has rendered them an absolute mockery, can still go before a court as a convicted perjurer and bomber and attest to the character issues of others is a travesty.

Neal Rauhauser associates with this man, and is even rumored in some circles to have lived with him for a time.  He does not denounce him for his criminal wrongdoing.  He does not decry his savagery towards other human beings, or his refusal to pay the civil damages he owes to his victims.  No, Neal works side by side with him, a fact that ought to tell you everything you need to know about Neal and his morality and character.

This should not surprise anyone, given that our President is a man who holds fundraisers in the home of a domestic terrorist who only regrets that he didn't do more personally to contribute to the group he co-founded, a group that carried out multiple bombings and whose actions led to the deaths of three of its own members.  But Mr. Ayers doesn't see it that way: in his mind, what the United States was doing in Vietnam was terrorism, while his group wasn't engaged in acts of terror against people.  They only bombed property, you see.  That may well be true, but they bombed property to terrorize people into opposing the war they so vehemently disagreed with.  Additionally, while it has never been proven in court, numerous sources question Ayers's connection with the San Francisco Police Department Park Station bombing in 1970.  Additionally, no one disputes that the Weather Underground's Days of  Rage bombing campaign in Chicago injured individual people.

If Bill Ayers had not been the son of a wealthy Commonwealth Edison CEO and chairman, his affiliation with the Weather Underground and the role of that organization in the deaths of three of its members, one of whom was his girlfriend and another of whom was his old roommate, would have likely gotten him convicted of their murders in some fashion or form.  William Ayers has been very fortunate indeed to evade culpability for his actions, and I believe the word I am looking for is privilege. Privilege has immunized Mr. Ayers from answering for his role as an accessory in this bombings, along with the good fortune of an FBI that violated various procedural restraints in relation to his crimes.

For these individuals, right wing extremism in the form of cartoons of the main prophet of Islam is a real crime and offense against humanity. Their own bombings are merely a form of political expression or even heroic resistance.  This is bullshit.

Mr. Rauhauser advertises his capacity for infiltrating computer networks and bypassing security measures as an "old hacker," with an eye towards insinuating that he has the skills necessary to do the same today.  Given the crowd he associates with, it is very likely indeed that he does in fact engage in unauthorized access of networks and computers.  And that is why I am soliciting anyone with documentation of his illegal activity to come forward and submit that documentation to law enforcement or any number of conservative and libertarian bloggers who have written extensively about Neal's activities.

We know that Neal has dropped dimes in the past on his former associates in the Beandog Militia, and that he has betrayed any number of confidences in the past with his interactions with conservatives in order to attempt to curry their favor or their trust.  For those of you in Australia reading this, if you have documentation in the form of emails to repay Neal's courtesies towards you and your compatriots, now would be an excellent time to reveal those emails or screenshots or whatever it is that you may have.

And for those of you in Anonymous who may be in contact with Neal, understand that he is the type who solicits your favor and your activity one moment only to threaten you with his intimate knowledge of said activity the next.  He is, in a word, a snitch.  Neal has a two-fold interest in soliciting others to engage in unsavory and possibly even illegal activity on his behalf: first, he believes he can achieve deniability because someone else did the deed for him; and second, he can use his knowledge of what those people and hold it over them as leverage later.

I write this as someone whose blogs have posted every leak uncensored, and as an anarchist who supported Anonymous and its efforts to reveal government corruption.  And I never snitched or dropped a dime on a single individual in Anonymous, the Beandog Militia, or anyone else.  Unlike Neal, I don't have an affiliation with the FBI or law enforcement that I use to intimidate my associates when their actions on my behalf go too far and threaten to inconvenience me.

If you as a hacker within Anonymous or any other group cooperate with Neal Rauhauser, you do so at your own peril.  He will treat you the same way he has treated others by documenting the illegality of what you do while he encourages you to do it, and when you have outlived your usefulness, he will hold the knowledge of your guilt over you to extract endless concessions out of you.  If you have a problem with U.S. helicopters lighting up reporters and innocent civilians in Iraq, you probably have enough of a moral compass to understand that bombing unarmed civilians or buildings as a domestic terrorist isn't any better.  Neal doesn't.  Those types of people are his friends, just as they are the friends of a President who claims for himself the power to execute American citizens without trial or due process.

I'm not encouraging you to turn your considerable firepower against Neal.  In point of fact, that would be  a waste of your time.  Neal may have delusions of grandeur about his significance, as may most of the right-wing blogosphere.  However, if you want to do some good, don't waste your energy and effort on a man who has never been significant or meaningful outside of his efforts to smear people he disagreed with politically.  The present administration kills people for their speech. There is no evidence that Anwar Al-Awlaki did anything other than speak of his support for Al-Qaeda. As despicable as that is, it's not a sufficient reason to kill him or his 17 year old son with drone strikes.

If it were, then Neal's affiliation with Brett Kimberlin could serve as a rationale for killing Neal with drone strikes. By the Obama Administration's logic, close physical proximity to or association with a terrorist renders one a terrorist, and therefore a legitimate target for a lethal drone strike.  The same would be true of our own president, given that he has had dinner and fundraisers in the home of a man who co-founded an organization that carried out waves of bombings in the Seventies.  But it isn't, which is why Neal and President Obama are still alive.  They didn't bomb anyone personally. Well, Obama now has, and more than a few of those people have been civilians who had nothing to do with terrorist activity.

That's what you should spend your time documenting and exposing.  But if you do in fact have evidence that could implicate Neal in illegal activity, just remember that he's dropped dimes on his own in the past whenever it suited his fancy.  Karma is a bitch, and if you don't have to go out of your way to ensure that Neal finally receives the comeuppance he deserves as a snitch and a hypocrite, I'll publish anything you have that proves his complicity or involvement in wrongdoing.  I have but one condition: that whatever you send is something I can independently verify, and it can be corroborated as accurate through independent verification.

The idea is not to reveal Neal as an underhanded individual and an Internet troll with a low capacity for loyalty.  We all know what Neal is.  We want to prove what he is legally and see to it that he goes to jail for any illegal acts he may have committed over the years.

And Neal, if you're out there, I want you to understand this: I am not interested in trolling you on Twitter or social networking. Others are doing that all too well.  I want your freedom and what little reputation you have in this world, because you're a terrible person.  You've ruined lives and terrorized people with the threat of admittedly frivolous legal actions.  I'm a law student, and I study people like you all the time who think that our legal system is a tool to destroy people they don't like personally or politically.  If there's one thing I hate, it's a person who takes a system designed to give people with legitimate grievances a civilized means of redress and uses that system to simply hurt and intimidate others without any real legal justification.  You're a rat, Neal. You don't have friends, you have people you use and betray for your own conveniences and amusements.  And the people around you who give you the idea to do this aren't your friends at all.  To them, you're just a guy with Asperger's who can't live without their assistance, and the life you lead online as a troll and a bully is the only thing of value you have to offer them.

This isn't about politics.  There are a lot of Democrats I get along with just fine.  I drink with them, I smoke cigars with them, and I debate with them in a civil manner.  This is about you, and the fact that I despise who you are as a person because of what you have done over the past two years.  You're well aware that many of the people you've targeted in the past haven't committed a single crime, but you used the threat of insinuation to harass and intimidate them. You provoked and needled and harassed them endlessly until they said or wrote something you could use, and your entire life is bound up in hurting others who have the temerity to disagree with you politically.  Disagreeing with you isn't a crime, Neal. Setting off bombs is, but in your mind you think that associating and working with the likes of Brett Kimberlin is somehow morally better than treating a man like Greg W. Howard civilly and rationally, even though Greg never maimed another human being.  You're wrong.

Instead of destroying or undermining the conservative blogging community, you managed to garner sympathy for them from people who might have despised them for their political stances. You and Brett accomplished what so many of us have worked to no avail to accomplish for the past few years: you united the entire conservative community against you.  Paleo-conservatives, social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, libertarians of various persuasions, and even a few anarchists like myself who oppose state power because it can be seized by people like you for wholly illegitimate ends are now united because you threatened our ability to write and speak freely, a fundamental right which is protected under the Constitution.

And in your attempts to cover your tracks, you offered up your former associates as sacrificial lambs to save your own skin from civil or criminal liability.  You insinuated their guilt, and you offered proof of their guilt to the very people you had encouraged them to target for the past three years.  You can't offer up credible pledges of loyalty to anyone on your side anymore, Neal, because you drop dimes. And now it's your turn to have dimes dropped on you, because rats get what they get.

I want to make this clear to everyone reading this: Brett Kimberlin is not an activist. He's a convicted perjurer who lied to a grand jury, a terrorist whose bombings over a six day period in September 1978 caused one victim to lose his leg while severely injuring his wife, and a man who files frivolous complaint after frivolous complaint in courts around this country against people he doesn't like.  He's a guy who dropped a dime on one of his alleged former customers publicly, Vice President Dan Quayle, just because he could. He's a snitch.  No one owes him any duty of confidentiality or loyalty, because when you snitch, you lose that cover and its understood that anyone with knowledge of your hypocrisy and wrongdoing can drop the dime on you without sacrificing any credibility whatsoever.

To those of you out there who may have worked with Brett or Neal in the past, even if you don't drop anything on them as payback, don't work with them.  Don't expose yourself to culpability for these two. They have a history of selling people out, and they'll sell you out, too.  Loyalty is not a currency they traffic in, and it is not a currency they have ever trafficked in.  Give them the loyalty they've shown towards so many others over the years.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

UPDATE: Missing OWS Member Found!

The children are the future...and that should terrify us all. 

New York-Stevie Bates, the missing 19 year old Occupy Wall Street protester who took off on a cross country trip with three OWS campers she met at Occupy, was found today in a porta-potty off Zuccotti Park. The New York Police Department released a statement detailing Bates's possible ingestion of hallucinogenics, which resulted in her losing spatial perception and getting lost in the porta-potty.   "She was in that damned porta-potty the entire time," Lt. Mike Flynn of the NYPD said.  "People heard her calling out for her friends from inside the porta-potty and opened the door to let her out.  They recognized her from the flyers her mother had been passing out."

When asked about the possibility that Occupy campers were using hallucinogens, camper Kevin Donaldson acknowledged that drug use was common but insisted that it wasn't a problem.  "Man, I found my way out of the porta-potty on my own when I got lost. It's no big deal.  Some people just can't handle the trip, you know?"

Lt. Flynn noted that Bates was found dehydrated and malnourished, but said that she hadn't noticed the overpowering stench of the porta-potty because her olfactory sense had been numbed by her close living quarters with other OWS campers, many of whom do not bathe regularly.  "It's the norm for them," Flynn said, "so at least she didn't suffer from that.  We're glad we were able to locate her and reunite her with her family."

Monday, June 18, 2012

Special Guest Commentary: Darcy Burner!

Screed of Momus is proud to announce special guest commentary from Washington state, specifically District 1, where Democratic candidate Darcy Burner, head of, is campaigning yet again for a spot in the House of Representatives. Now, here at Screed of Momus, we stand for bipartisanship and civility, so these guest commentaries from fringe liberals will be an ongoing feature on this blog from now until November.  Without further ado, I give you Darcy Burner!  
First, I'd like to thank Jay Batman for his kind invitation to write a piece on his blog Screed of Momus, and I'd like to invite anyone who's ever had an abortion to stand up and be recognized for their accomplishment.  Yes, the federal government should facilitate access to abortions for you, and make birth control more widely available even though you can get it for around $9 at Target or for free at most county public health departments around this nation.  While abortion is a personal decision, it's also a fundamental right, and we should make sure that everyone can afford their fundamental rights by paying for the exercise of those rights when necessary.  Now, some might point out that gun ownership is a right under the Second Amendment, but it's not a fundamental right, so we don't have to pay to provide access to firearms for poor and indigent folks seeking to exercise their right to bear arms.  

Granted, if you don't have enough money for $9 birth control and you're still having unprotected sex and exposing yourself to the risk of an STD or an unplanned pregnancy, you probably have bigger issues that the federal government should address with more spending on food stamps and public housing.   I understand that in this tough economy, it's difficult to make ends meet because I took five classes while at Harvard to get an economics concentration with my bachelor's degree in computer science.  I love economics so much because it really helps me understand the basic issues confronting American families today.  

Now, I've been using my computer science skills while on Capitol Hill to aid the progressive movement in retaking the House and Senate.  So far, I haven't been very successful.  I've lost three prior elections, one as a volunteer and the others as a candidate, and it really stung to lose that first one because I had dropped out of law school to run for Congress. My daddy always said hubris was my strong point!  

In my second and third elections, I ran against Republican Dave Reichert. You know him as the sheriff of King County who eventually caught the Green River Killer, Gary Leon Ridgway.  I didn't feel that he was pro-woman enough, so I challenged him for the 8th district's seat in the House of  Representatives. He campaigned on his three decade career in law enforcement and his reputation as the man who caught a serial killer that murdered dozens of women.  I campaigned on my reputation as an executive at Microsoft and my degree in economics from Harvard.  

As it turns out, I was just a middle manager at Microsoft and I didn't really have a degree in economics from Harvard.  I got confused.  I thought a degree and a concentration were the same thing.  Unfortunately, Dave Reichert really did catch a serial killer and he really was in law enforcement for three decades.  I lost to Dave in 2006 and 2008 despite raising record amounts of money.  I was disappointed to realize that you can't always buy an election.  

When I lost to Dave a second time, I decided to move to another district in order to campaign for a seat being vacated by Representative Jay Inslee, because I really, really, really want to be a progressive in Congress.  I feel that there aren't enough people like Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson-Lee and Cynthia McKinney in Congress to call attention to the government's complicity in smuggling drugs into black neighborhoods and declaring war on women.  I would be honored to join the ranks of such notable Congresswomen and fight for progressive issues to ensure that women have federal funding of their right to choose, and taxpayer dollars for their birth control, public housing, and food assistance.  Government should help people avoid the consequences of bad judgment and the failures it leads to for so many individuals.  

That's why I support a strong social safety net but hate giving bailouts to banks and businesses.  They aren't individuals, you see.  However, the state Democratic Party in Oregon doesn't like my candidacy, so they've criticized me unfairly and declared war on women.  I'm smashing patriarchy, and they don't like it one bit.  Ladies, remember that an attack on one woman is an attack on all women.  Solidarity is how we can defeat the misogyny that pervades the leadership of both parties!  

As for the charges that I didn't act like a team player by running in both the special election for the month remaining in Rep. Inslee's term along with the general election for the two year term after that, I categorically state that I am not a team player.  I want two years and one month, not just two years.  If I get the additional month by winning the special election, I can call myself a two term Congresswoman.  And everyone knows that two terms are better than one!  This way, I can advertise my experience as a candidate with two terms under my belt in 2014 when I run for re-election, and I'll be telling the truth this  time, as opposed to lying about it like I did with my economics degree and my executive position at Microsoft.  

Dwight Pelz, the chair of the State Democratic Party, is simply a misogynist who hates women and doesn't want us crashing his good old boys' party.  Well, come November, he can consider it crashed, because we're coming and we will not be denied.  We're coming in November, and the Republican who currently holds the White House can consider this to be his notice: Barack Obama, your pro-business record is deplorable.  Your giveaways to the pharmaceutical companies in the prescription drug bill were shameful.  

Real progressive leadership is coming to Congress, and we're going to stand firm on what we believe because we're real Democrats and we aren't ashamed of that fact or the fact that we've had abortions.  And when I get to Congress, I will cooperate with the Republican Party on one issue alone: Attorney General Eric Holder must resign.  I tweeted this in December of 2011, and I stand by it today!  

I'm Darcy Burner, and I've got your back, District 1!  Vote for me on August 21st and again in November! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Two Leftists Exposed, Part One: Beginnings

Today, we’re going to look at two men, on opposite sides of the country, bound together by their mutual hatred of right wing politics and Tea Party supporters.  Both of these men are well-known to many individuals on Twitter, because they have spent vast amounts of time harassing, stalking, and intimidating those individuals.  For the most part, they’ve been able to maintain their anonymity.  

However, thanks the dedicated work of various individuals they’ve trolled, along with journalists from various right-wing online news sites, we know their identities.  Here at Screed of Momus, we go one step further.  These individuals have both resorted to publicizing the names, addresses, and photographs of their victims for almost two years now.  Today, in this article, you’ll see pictures of their houses, their vehicles, and their businesses.  You’ll know their addresses, their post office box numbers, and even their amateur call signs as ham radio operators.   You’ll read amusing little anecdotes about crashing their 1955 170B Cessna through the ice at Lake Hood on February 13th, 2001.  

All these individuals had to do was stop harassing, stalking, and intimidating people online they disagreed with politically.  This was made abundantly clear to them last year when I intervened on behalf of Greg W. Howard after he was threatened by one Brett Warren.  It’s one thing to ridicule people for their beliefs or to mock them for taking certain political positions.  It is another thing entirely to try to and ruin them online.  

At some point, both of these individuals forgot that the individuals they were targeting were in fact human beings with lives, jobs, and reputations.  They were normal people, living normal lives, struggling with the same challenges that most of us struggle with.  They had to feed their children, pay child support, and catch up on repaying debts.  In some cases, this proved untenable, and like any other individual faced with insolvency, some of these individuals resorted to bankruptcy, just like thousands of other Americans do each year.  

For living their normal lives, fraught with imperfection and difficulties, these individuals had every detail of their private lives and the personal details thereof displayed online for the world to see.  Bankruptcies, divorce filings, court cases, and every other item that could be dug up from their pasts were put up for mass consumption on Twitter and Facebook.  They were taunted to no end by anonymous accusers, unable to respond in kind because their tormentors hid behind proxies, firewalls, and programs like Tor.  

The justification was simple: these individuals were politically opposed to President Barack Obama’s policies, and in many cases they were vehemently opposed.  As a result, their opponents on the left felt as though any means were justified in discrediting and casting aspersions upon these individuals.  At first, their prey were caught flat-footed by the attacks. There were the usual sputtering responses about how unfair the methods were, and how underhanded these leftists were being with their attacks.  Conspiracy theories abounded as to who was behind it all.  

And then came the reciprocal reaction, with conservatives grouping themselves together on Twitter to form a Wrecking Crew, and going after left wing Twitter users with the same tactics that had been so ruthlessly and effectively deployed on the Tea Party and the right.  It was not a proud moment for conservatives who watched on the sidelines, aghast at what was happening. For me personally, the Wrecking Crew was something I avoided at all costs. Revolutionary movements start out with all kinds of solidarity and verve, but they inevitably eat their own in the end. Purges are a fact of life in such environments, with distrust and recriminations growing by the minute as people succumb to paranoia and the impulse to seek vengeance for slights, real or perceived. 

I was a libertarian at that time, and I watched as men like Greg W. Howard not only egged the Wrecking Crew on, but also attempted to take it over for their own purposes only to have the members of the Wrecking Crew refuse their leadership.  All hell broke loose as conservatives started to eat each other alive on Twitter.  The Left had to be delighted, because conservatives were doing a far better job of destroying each other than the Left had ever done. 

Conservatives began outing each other with personally embarrassing details, savaging each other’s reputations and dividing against one another.  Certain conservatives even began to work with members of the Left who had previously been their mortal enemies, so that they could get at their former allies more effectively.  It was a low point.  Instead of attacking a president and his pathetic record, or his clearly defective policies, conservatives and libertarians were reduced to ravaging each other in daily online wars.  More importantly, they were colluding with men and women whose deplorable lack of ethics or civility was well-documented.  In one fell swoop, conservatives had been reduced from the moral high-ground to the kind of ethical pragmatism that defined the Left.  If it works…it’s okay.

It didn’t work. Today, Greg W. Howard’s entire life is defined by an argument he had on Twitter.  He can’t get employment in his chosen field. If tweets are any indicator, Greg spends most of his time online doing battle with a phantasm.  He’s fighting an enemy that is largely anonymous, always shifting and metastasizing, and he’s spending every bit of his time and energy on this fight that has left his reputation in ruins.  He has nothing else.  He’s paranoid about his safety, and to be fair, he has some cause to be paranoid given some of the threats that have been made on his life, his health, and the damage done to his reputation by his detractors. 

This was one of our own, a man who to this day has over 25,000 followers online, a bully pulpit to tweet from, and a wide audience that he can influence and reach.  For all of his potential, Greg W. Howard has been reduced from a man with a nuclear arsenal to deploy against an administration slowly destroying this country form the inside out to a man raving in the wilderness and shaking his fist at the sky.  That’s the sad truth.  Emotionally, Greg has suffered the toll of two years worth of constant siege. 

This piece is dedicated to him, and to others like him, who suffered to no end for two years at the hands of online bullies who hid behind anonymity to threaten, intimidate, and irrevocably damage the reputations of individuals for no other reason than the fact that they disagreed with them politically.  Politics brings out the worst in all of us, and while I don’t agree with Greg’s affiliation with and attempted takeover of the Wrecking Crew, Greg was and is free to do whatever he likes.  So are people like Neal Rauhauser, Barry A Byrne, and William L Bryan.

Resembling the Left

For a long time now, I’ve been quiet about the events of Twittergate, and the conflict with Brett Warren, the Beandog Militia, and Neal Rauhauser.  For the last year, I’ve been accumulating information about the principals involved, as have others.  I’ve been encouraged to see people unmasked, their identities revealed and their names linked to their online shenanigans and dirty tricks.  

I’ve watched as Barry A. Byrne lost his Twitter account @GreatGrey for his violation of Terms of Service and his bullying antics.  I’ve observed the Beandog Militia placed at the mercy of Neal Rauhauser, who attempted to cut his losses in order to limit his exposure to liability for the behavior they engaged in at his behest.  What Greg W. Howard did with the Wrecking Crew was exactly what Neal Rauhauser did with the Beandogs. Both men tried to maintain plausible deniability while encouraging, cajoling, and coaxing the worst members of their respective groups to sic people they didn’t like.  

I don’t like Saul Alinsky. I don’t agree with his tactics, and I personally think he was a piece of shit.  There is no such thing as a Rules for Radicals for conservatives.  In the book I’ve been writing on Statism and Myth, I examine Alinsky’s writing in a way that is illustrative of the point I’d like to make here: 

“We have exchanged a discomfiting history which might have some efficacy for us in discerning between the true and false of our day, the good and bad among us, so that we can be comforted by the notion that we have always been good and the other guys have always been bad.  One looks upon the consequence of such degradation with great sorrow, and sees that individuals are no longer capable of the irony of their positions, being polarized as they are into reactionary radicalism, as in the case of Saul Alinsky, who wrote the following about the organizer: 

“To begin with, he does not have a fixed truth-truth to him is relative and changing; everything to him is relative and changing.  He is a political relativist.  He accepts the late Justice Learned Hand’s statement that “the mark of a free man is that ever-gnawing inner uncertainty as to whether or not he is right.” 

Here is Alinsky, who agrees with Justice Hand on the one point that a free man is ever possessed of an “inner uncertainty as to whether or not he is right,” while denying that a man can ever know any truth due to the fact that truth is relative and changing rather than fixed.  One can only be certain of one’s inability to know whether or not he is on the right course, because there is no fixed right or wrong course.  But Alinsky goes on to contradict himself in a later paragraph by noting that this same organizer “has one conviction-a belief that if people have the power to act, in the long run they will, most of the time, reach the right decisions.”  How can there be a right decision in a world where what is right is constantly in a state of fluidity and flux?   It is no great matter to Alinsky: “I am not concerned if this faith in people is regarded as a prime truth and therefore a contradiction of what I have already written, for life is a story of contradictions.”  Anyone who has examined the history of our country since the time Alinsky’s ideas and techniques came into vogue would have to agree: the contradictions between purportedly intended outcomes and actual outcomes in sexual education, poverty programs, and various other forms of activism have been stark indeed.  

The presupposition that truth is relative and changing is in and of itself a fixed truth.  The fact that Alinsky fails to see this obvious contradiction; and that his later contradiction regarding the one conviction of the community organizer being that the people will reach the right decisions in a world where standards of right and wrong are transient and fluctuating is dismissed by Alinsky himself as part of a story of contradictions which is merely the expected outcome of life itself, ought to disqualify Alinsky from consideration by most serious people with clear minds.  However, we have no serious people and no clear minds.  Moreover, how can any man be free when he chooses to deny that fixed truths exist, when such a statement is in and of itself a fixed statement?  Far from being free, such a man is a slave to his own delusions and self-contradictions.  He has exchanged the world as it is, the world as he can perceive it through his own senses, for a myth of his own choosing, a choice which ironically only serves to reaffirm the very truth he deigns to deny!

We have people who live their lives in moments, who cannot comprehend anything in their pasts or perceive any implications of the present moment for their futures.  As soon as this moment passes, it is automatically erased from their minds by the arrival of a new moment.  The incoherence that results is merely proof to them of the innate incomprehensibility of life, and not of any intellectual or philosophical defect on their part.  

In college, I encountered this incoherence many times, and one of the most vivid memories I have of such incoherence presenting itself to me was in a conversation I had with my roommate at the time in which he informed me that he was a Taoist. I asked him why he considered himself a Taoist, having been raised Episcopalian.  He informed me that the various precepts he had studied in his limited examinations of Taoism made sense to him, and he proceeded to begin ticking them off. When he said “Unlearn learning,” my interest was piqued.  I immediately pointed out to him that unlearning learning would constitute a learning process in and of itself.  He recanted his Taoist faith a few moments afterwards, which was no surprise to me, given his general lack of seriousness where Episcopalian belief was concerned.”

Leftism is a kind of civic religion rooted in passion and emotion, a Low Church indeed for the masses who take to the streets with their picket signs and their concepts of social justice and what not.  It has no need for any apologetics rooted in logic, intellect, or rationality.  In point of fact, logic, intellect, and rationality are the enemies of Leftist thinking because of the contradictions that are so inherent in Leftism. 

It merely has to sound deep in order to be deep, such as the aforementioned “Unlearn learning” and the Alinsky gibberish about political relativism.  This auditory profundity, the koan of Leftism, if you will, is legitimized by its ability to make the hippie dippies squint in thought when they hear it.  “Ahhhh,” they say to themselves, “this has significance!”  Ask them to articulate what significance it has and you will receive unintelligible gibberish with all manner of histrionic overstatement.  Hope and change.  I was able to “cultivate a capacity for a more refined introspection that gave me better questions that ultimately led to a renewed determination to become involved with the effort to make things better.” La-di-damn-da. 

This is bullshit.  To pretend as though you can employ the loathsome tactics of the Left in order to achieve electoral triumphs without selling your soul and compromising your integrity and credibility in the process is naïve indeed.  The Republican Party lost its mind when Lee Atwater and his heir Karl Rove came into the picture and began pulling every dirty trick imaginable.  Today, the Republican brand is tarnished, and that is no considerable feat considering what we’ve had over the past 40 years.  We’ve had the Vietnam War, a war we were taken into under false pretenses by a Democratic president and gotten out of by a Republican president, an energy crisis that a Democratic president viewed as an opportunity for policymaking as Americans formed long lines for gasoline, and a hostage crisis in Iran under a Democrat that was resolved by a Republican president.  Don’t even start me on the fact that a Republican president managed to see us through the end of the Cold War and the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union without getting us into a major military confrontation.  Whatever you wish to say about George W. Bush, and you can say a lot, the fact remains that blacks had far better rates of employment under his administration than the present administration. 

To the extent that Republican politics has become Alinsky-like in its approach to legislation like No Child Left Behind and the Medicare prescription drug benefit, or its insistence on the use and dissemination of video news reports and the payola to columnists and journalists, it deserves to be scathingly critiqued. Those tactics are damned fine on the Left, but they have no place over here.  We are defined by what we are not, and what we are not is simple enough to comprehend: the type of individuals who would read Alinsky and think to ourselves that such tactics would be fine if only they were employed for the right ends.  Those methods corrupt and render illegitimate any ends attained thereby. 

What we lost over the past two years was an opportunity to further differentiate ourselves from the Left by refusing to stoop to their level. Unmasking these types is one thing; using their playbook daily is another thing entirely.  Resembling the Left is the worst legacy of the past two years for Tea Partiers on Twitter. 

If you wish to be a beatnik, you may do so.  Simply stop bathing regularly and twist your hair into dreads, and then go be a radical in some encampment singing various Seeger songs around barrels with burning trash.  Then, and only then, may you adhere your life to Rules for Radicals.  If you’re going to be a law-abiding, respectful, moral, decent, and ethical human being, those rules have no place in your life or mindset.  If you’re going to call yourself a conservative or a libertarian, then the writings of Saul Alinsky have little meaning to you beyond their reconnaissance value as an insight into the mindset of your enemies on the Left. 


First, we'll engage in a little history lesson.  How did I come to be involved in the online war between the group of Twitter users known as the Beandogs and a second group known as the Wrecking Crew?  I became involved peripherally at first.  Greg W. Howard re-tweeted a lot of what I wrote on my blog. He was a reader, and he supported me by putting my articles in front of his then-15,000 or so followers.  We talked back and forth to some extent, along with another Twitter user by the name of @mikepfs.  Those two tweeters, more than anyone else, helped to get Screed of Momus in front of larger audiences because they had so many followers.

I watched as Greg and his friend @SwiftRead engaged the Beandogs head on as associates or members of the right wing version of the Beandogs, a group that called itself the Wrecking Crew.  I didn't participate because I thought a lot of it was pointless.  I preferred to focus my writing on what I considered to be the actual target: the federal government, specifically Republicans and Democrats alike who were piling on debt with mammoth spending increases while simultaneously eroding civil liberties with legislation like the Patriot Act.  I looked at the Beandogs as a distraction, a waste of energy.

And then, one night as I logged on to Twitter, I came across a mention from a user named @solaar.  He called me a faggot.  I had never met or interacted with @solaar before that moment.  I'd never even heard of him.

But as I looked further into @solaar's feed, what I found was disconcerting to say the least.  His feed was littered with threats to various people, and his followers and friends on Twitter were even worse. As I kept digging, I became convinced that anonymity wasn't something @solaar should have. He was engaged in online behavior that was clearly threatening, clearly criminal, and clearly intended to intimidate and harass those he disagreed with politically.

It was also littered with other incriminating information, all volunteered by @solaar and all posted by him on his Twitter feed and his yfrog.  And down in the feed, there was a name I recognized all too well: Greg W. Howard.

Solaar had threatened various Twitter users with death threats, and they had responded by threatening to report him to the FBI.  He mocked their threats by retweeting the mentions, and proceeded to tell Greg W. Howard that he would kick his teeth to a paste with his steel toed boots. He also included his prior night's misadventures in his feed, which helped out immensely later on when I began digging to find out who solaar was.

And so it was that the next week of my life would begin, in February of 2011. Before it was over, I would be exposed to a group of individuals who apparently worked in concert with a man I'd never heard of before: Neal Rauhauser.

By the time things had died down, I had spoken on the phone with both Neal and Brett Warren multiple times.  Neal threatened to contact my law school, and he further threatened to put me on a watchlist with the Southern Poverty Law Center as a domestic terrorist and a racist.  I told Neal that I would sue him for defamation if he implied that I was racist in any shape, fashion, or form.  I have always stood against racism and racial privilege in the law, and I resented any allegation to lay a charge of racism at my doorstep.

Neal did contact the dean of student affairs at my law school, but it was to no avail. I had already been to his office to inform him of the likelihood that Neal would contact him about my encounters with Brett.  The attempt at intimidation didn't work, because Neal was full of hot air and little else. Nothing illegal had been done on my end.  Every bit of information I had came from the Beandogs and their publicly available feeds on various social network sites.  What Neal didn't understand was that retaining a bunch of convicted felons, manic depressives, and drug abusers wouldn't work out, especially as it related to confidentiality and anonymity.  You see, when people get stoned, they forget to take precautions. They don't use their proxies, or turn on Tor before they begin browsing. They tweet photos of themselves, and their illicit activities are chronicled incident by incident on publicly available feeds.

They simply aren't reliable.  You can try to equip them with the means to hide their anonymity, but they're careless and they forget to use those means and methods consistently.  And even if they did use those methods, tweeting photos of their faces and their locations effectively destroys their anonymity.

And that was the key in my dealings with the Beandogs: simply going over their accounts to chronicle their comings and goings, and their illegal conduct, as well as any revealing information.  It took very little effort to use what they freely gave me and so many others.

Threats, anyone? 
To this day, the Beandogs and their allies on the Left would like to forget how stupidly they acted.  When you post threats on the Internet, they stay there forever.  Generally speaking, the people you threaten do things like take screenshots and repost the threats for the record, and there isn't anything you can do to get rid of those threats.

Everyone can see what you did.  But the Beandogs and their friends were feeling cocky back in those days, flush with success from haranguing Greg W. Howard to no end and digging up the details of his bankruptcy and his imploded financial planning business, as well as his back child support.   And why shouldn't they? They'd humiliated a man they viewed as a racist, the epitome of evil, a target who had over 15,000 followers and counting. Greg was a trophy to them.

They had him on record tweeting offensive remarks about metal detectors and Muslims, stating that if metal detectors made Muslims uncomfortable, then such devices should be placed in every doorway in the country.   That's offensive, even boorish, but it pales in comparison with threatening to decapitate and rape your opponent's children.  Offensive speech isn't illegal.  Threatening to cut the head of an individual with a circular saw is.  Granted, the context of the remark made it seem far-fetched, but if you were on the receiving end of such comments from a group of individuals who had made it their mission in life to dig up every humiliating failure from your past, you'd likely feel intimidated and even a bit scared.  After all, you don't know who these individuals are.  They are numerous, and they are anonymous, and they can apparently get to you at any time with information that you'd consider private.

The more the Beandogs tormented Greg W. Howard, the more he took the bait, and his responses grew more and more paranoid.  With that said, it's hard for me to judge Greg too harshly, because after months of this type of treatment, any human being would likely say or write a few things that looked bad out of context.  Hell, even in context, if we're being honest.

That night, I began digging on the worst offenders.  @methadonna, @solaar, @GreatGrey, @leducviolet, and @StrandedWind were the first five or so targets.  Solaar in particular was the focus of my efforts because of his documented threats to various other tweeters, and because he was so freely volunteering information that could be used to identify him.

Solaar keeps going and going...

Solaar's big night out.
The graphic to the right spells out @solaar's misadventures the night before in Summit Co, Colorado.  One of his friends had snorted a line of powder thinking it was cocaine, and it turned out to be heroin. As a result, his friend overdosed and the EMTs were called to revive him.

Solaar did the intelligent thing.  He posted an account of that night on Twitter, replete with photos of his friend in the back of an ambulance and the name of the county whose sheriffs' department had shown up to arrest them.  It was, for lack of any better to word to convey the depth of my sarcasm, brilliant.

Solaar wasn't done by any means.  He'd posted the name of the resort, pictures of drugs, and the fact that he was flying Delta.  He had around 15 grams of cocaine, and he wasn't going to be carrying that back through Delta.  Everything one would need to know in order to unmask Solaar's identity was there for the taking.  The fact that Neal Rauhauser was dumb enough to even acknowledge Solaar's existence, or to acknowledge online interaction with an individual so recklessly stupid, should tell you everything you need to know about Neal's judgment.

You'll notice that the picture on the left contains the name of the individual who overdosed in Summit County, as well as a picture link to @solaar's yfrog in which you can see his friend in the back of an ambulance.   Let's review: first, Solaar threatens multiple people with physical harm, then tweets his location, the fact that he's been arrested, the law enforcement agency that arrested him, and finally he tops it all off by tweeting the first name of his buddy who overdosed.

You can't get any more brilliant than this, people.  For all the taunts and talk about how stupid the Tea Party is by leftists, @solaar managed to exemplify idiocy with his conduct online that night.  And how!

And that's how I got involved with Beandogs, Neal Rauhauser, and the Wrecking Crew.  I took a guy who went online making threats and tweeting his personal information for the world to see, and I put a name to his anonymous Twitter account.  To be honest, I had help. Lots of it. People hated @solaar, and you can imagine why.

Now, today you'll hear that the person behind @solaar impersonated Brett Warren just to draw me out of the woodwork.  That's the narrative offered up by the left wing types who still troll Twitter to this day. But what you'll notice about those screenshots, and the pictures I'm going to post, is that they came well before the initial picture in which @solaar called me a faggot.

Additionally, the fact that @solaar just so happened to use a Facebook account under the same alias used by Brett Warren of Maitland, FL when Brett was busted by the Guelph Mercury Times for his role in posting a video in which he impersonated Conservative Party operative Michael Sona should tell you that Brett Warren, also known as Samuel Therber, is in fact @solaar.  That, and the fact that his pictures all match the Samuel Therber Facebook profile and his post of Brett Warren's infamous Youtube taunt of Alabama fans confirm that @solaar is in fact Brett Warren of Maitland, FL, a convicted felon and online troll.

It's Sean! 
 First, here's a picture of Sean in the back of an ambulance.  And below is Brett himself in the back of a car with two girls, along with his notation below that goes into detail about the amount of cocaine in the vehicle.  He's having himself a big night out, and he's also giving anyone with a brain the means to link him to the Twitter account he's posting from.

Nothing says intelligence like recording your illegal activity and posting it online for the world to see, with your face prominently featured in the photograph!  There's no great mystery as to how anyone would figure @solaar for Brett Warren, or how Brett would wind up in trouble with the law.  He's not the brightest individual, especially considering that he tweeted this photos in a public feed for the world to see as a convicted felon on probation.   Indeed, even though Brett was on community supervision, he tweeted his travels out of state to the Crystal Peak Resort in Breckenridge, CO, as well.  He posted photos of the interstate highway signs in Colorado.  As much as Brett would like to ridicule the intellect of the right wing, his own actions betray him as a man with severe deficiencies in judgment and basic common sense.

And Brett, and so much cocaine in
 the car!
I want to call your attention the caption in this photograph, which calls attention to the fact that Brett, who is in the picture, has cocaine in the vehicle.  

Sam Therber aka Brett
 Now I want you to pay attention to how the picture above matches the picture on this Facebook profile, which just so happens to listed under the alias Brett Warren used when he was interviewed by Guelph Mercury reporter Scott Tracey over his impersonation of Canadian Conservative Party operative Michael Sona, who stood accused of coordinating a robo-calling operation to misdirect voters to fake polling places in order to suppress the Liberal Party's vote:

"Warren called me back yesterday after I posted a note under the video seeking comment. He claimed to be calling from California and that his name was Samuel Therber, and told me he had never heard of Bret Warren.

He was unable to explain why ‘Bret Warren’ came up on my call display."

And there you go, ladies and gentlemen.  Brett Warren, a convicted felon and not particularly competent online troll, calling from a phone number registered to Bret Warren and trying to pass himself off as Samuel Therber.  More of that crackerjack trolling method that enabled him to elude detection and preserve his anonymity online for so long!

By now it should be clear to anyone with a brain that @solaar is in fact Brett Warren, and that Brett Warren has a history of engaging in online hijinks directed at Tea Party members and Conservative Party operatives in Canada. His lack of ethics, his absence of common sense, and his total lack of any sense of self-preservation, together with his careless behavior, are responsible for Brett being revealed again, and again, and again as the man behind numerous online trolling efforts.  What's surprising is that Neal Rauhauser would be reckless enough to call anyone on Brett's behalf to insert himself as an intermediary.

But if you need any further persuasion, consider the following picture:

This is what Brett changed his Facebook profile to after I outed him on Twitter.  And that profile pic in the upper left corner?  That's exactly what @solaar changed his profile pic to on Twitter. There's no impersonation.  @solaar was always Brett Warren, with the same half-assed tactics and careless behavior  that Brett has engaged in throughout his life, whether it's stealing property or posting a video online in which he challenges Alabama fans to a fight at a specific gate outside of Bryant-Denny stadium while he's on probation.  This is not the smartest guy.  He has a pathological stupidity that permeates everything he does. It defines him as a person: reckless, quick to act, slow to think about the ramifications of his actions, and maliciously inclined so long as he has anonymity to hide behind.

But when he no longer had his anonymity, and it was apparent to him that he had a very real chance of being burned for his online activities, he apologized to Greg W. Howard at my request and withdrew from Twitter for a long time.  He stopped trolling.  To be sure, he called me, but I'd posted my number online in a letter I'd sent to the state of Texas detailing my difficulties in getting my name change to go through at the state level.  Brett had nothing on me, because I do not have a criminal record.  I don't engage in illegal conduct.  But what's more, I don't post the following on my yfrog account as it relates to the CEO of my company and his wife, replete with a picture of my wife in the upper right hand corner as the next pic in my stream:

The caption reads as follows: "the CEO's punk ass and his beef jerky-faced wife."  That's just what you need to post online about your employer's wife if you want to keep your job. Never mind that Brett violated his probation by threatening people on Twitter, or by going out of state on a ski trip, or by possessing and using drugs.  I have a lot more than what I've put up in this post, and I went back over this old news to clear up any doubt as to Brett's ownership of @solaar and his activities with that account back in February of 2011.

 Everything I've said about Brett, @solaar, and Samuel Therber is true.  I can document it, and I have documented it in this post.  What is more, I talked to him over the phone, and to the best of my recollection, his voice is the voice on the 911 call Mandy Nagy posted.  I find it amazing that after Brett took his Youtube profile private, thereby cutting off access to his Florida fan video for the world, it magically reappeared on June 9th, right along the time I began communicating with Mandy Nagy and Brooks Bayne about my suspicions as to Brett's involvement in the SWATting effort.

After a year and a half of this video being down, it magically reappears when Brett is accused via emails and a post on the The Trenches of being the SWATter.  Additionally, it's doctored with a defense of Brett's supposed innocence.  I am absolutely stunned.  And when you look at the people who emerged to speculate in the comments sections, many of those people are on the side of the Wrecking Crew that broke off and began to socialize and work with individuals like @GreatGrey, @solaar, and @StrandedWind.  However, I am confident in what I remember, and in my reasonable, good faith basis for saying that Brett Warren is @solaar. After all, it isn't likely that an impersonator would have the Princeton water polo scholarship letter that Brett received and tweeted, is it?

I'm also confident in my recollection of Brett's voice from the phone call, and I immediately recalled Brett when I heard that 911 phone call.  I know what I heard, and I am absolutely confident that I have a reasonable, good faith basis for making the allegations that I made in my email to Brooks Bayne and Mandy Nagy.  And given the documentation that I can clearly present to bolster my case on this front, I have no problem with the assorted threats of one Sheridan, who has made quite the impression all over Twitter since the Weinergate scandal broke.  Sheridan, there's no real conspiracy there. Anthony Weiner admitted to his guilt at his press conference.  He doesn't have anybody to blame but himself.

And Brett Warren has nobody to blame but himself for the stupidity of his actions.  Last but not least, Sheridan, you're no attorney. Your naivete as it relates to the law and online conduct seem quite familiar to me.  Tell Darcy I said hello.