Monday, December 3, 2012

Deadbeat Dad Neal Rauhauser and a Choir of Mockery

Neal Rauhauser, deadbeat dad and overwhelmingly ordinary Internet troll, whose "old school" hacking techniques are the stuff of legend among Luddites who don't know any better, recently appeared on the Blog Talk Radio show Vince in the Bay to elucidate on his theories about a Karl Rove conspiracy to subvert the vote in Ohio. It is my firm belief that Rauhauser is absolutely right about Karl Rove, for reasons I won't go into at this moment or in this post.

Nevertheless, Rove was stopped, though not through any effort of Neal Rauhauser, who only manages to show up after the fact and glean a few bits of information that he then uses to try and co-opt the hard work of others.  That's his familiar pattern, and he continues it to this day.

The appearance on Vince in the Bay was notable because it marked the first time that Neal was openly derided by those who normally would align with him.  He was mocked for being a deadbeat dad and not paying his child support, and queried with vigor about his stalker-ish techniques on other fronts.

Lee Stranahan, who has the audio up his most recent site (the hyperlink above will take you to it) posted the audio clip of Neal getting raked over the coals by his fellow callers.  Neal has all the time in the world to go on to Internet radio shows and present himself as everything that he is not: an associate of Anonymous, an Internet Super Troll engaged in "performance art," and a man who has great skills in the Dark and Nefarious Arts of Information Security.

What he does not have the time or the inclination to do is to go and get an actual job and support his children, because he is a poor excuse for, well, everything.  What Neal Rauhauser cannot do is simple enough: debunk a single item I presented about him in my reporting on this site.  He is a deadbeat dad, he is by his own admission a man who put his hands on his ex-wife in an abusive manner, and he is a pathological liar about his abilities.

People from Neal's past continue to contact me and point me in directions to investigate and compile more information.  As I compile and organize that information into a narrative, the same picture is reinforced: Neal Rauhauser is a man who bullies individuals who don't have a rudimentary grasp of how to secure their home computers or laptops, but he can't do much of anything against those who have any basic skills to defend themselves.  He's a coward, and when he says his hacking skills are old school, he means Commodore 64 and Pascal.

He has the ability to write code, and make basic software that will enable the aggregation of information into usable forms, such as his natsec editor.   That natsec editor that he has alluded to with so many individuals in order to intimidate them is not a person within the government.  It's a tab on a piece of software relating to news stories about national security, and that's all it is.

Neal Rauhauser has some associations within the FBI, a few agents that he's talked to in the past, possibly as a snitch.  He even knows a former attorney with the Department of Justice who used to prosecute hackers.  Overwhelmingly, the trend among those sorts of people is to disavow their association with Neal or to distance themselves as much as possible.  No one wants to claim Neal Rauhauser, not Mark Rasch, not Chet Uber, and not anyone else associated with Project Vigilant.

They go to great lengths to disparage his competence and his claimed contributions to their causes and operations.  I have the emails, which I will share in their entirety if any of the aforementioned individuals wants to quibble about what was written.

There is no doubt in my mind that Neal has been funded by some people who knew that his nasty disposition would come in handy as it related to baiting individuals on the right and getting them to react in a way that was self-discrediting.  After the past three years or so, Neal is about used up.  His reputation is all over the Internet, and every single one of his paranoid posts on his most recently shuttered blog has been screenshot and preserved.

Neal will always be able to find a damaged woman to share a couch with, but he won't be able to find his own place and his own independent living situation. That would require him to do actual honest work, and it's much easier to be a leech.

In the end, I keep digging and researching this story, in the hopes of one day showing how people who did know better hired and paid for Neal's services and outrageous conduct over a period of years. There are any number of allegations, such as the one relating to a former employer of Neal's who received and re-sold stolen hardware, along with Neal's role in that charade.  There are allegations of harassment from Boston to Seattle, and women from Neal's past who had no idea that he had children he wasn't supporting.  When they found out, they stopped supporting Neal.

There was a time when I might have had some sympathy for a man who had some obvious handicaps and tough breaks in life, but Neal's conduct and re-emergence over the past few months has exhausted any empathy I might have shown him.  In the next year, I'll be bringing more details of his past to light, story by story, constructing an accurate and damning narrative of his life and the familiar patterns thereof until Neal is completely exposed.

The reason it takes time to bring these stories to light is the sheer amount of information involved, and the requirements of verification.  I don't print innuendo.  I print the kind of facts that cause Neal Rauhauser to, as Lee Stranahan put it so eloquently on his post, suck his teeth in an awkward reaction to the one thing he hates the most about his past: the truth.

As for Neal's associates and friends, I'm undecided about how far to go with the lot of you.  There is plenty of information, information that would fit nicely into the plans of those who are seeking to make you financially culpable for your retention of Neal's services.  When you use your assets for such purposes, it doesn't matter how those assets are structured, especially depending on the timing of a transfer of assets.  You may also want to consider how you came into those assets as a factor in whether or not they would be protected. So be warned: my concern at the moment is with Neal, and you likely would not want me to comb over your lives with the same fine attention to detail any more than I already have.

As for Neal, I'll be patiently doing the diligence I always do, as it fits into my schedule.  I have quite a long post already drafted, and I'm just dotting an i and crossing a t here and there, as well as deciding whether or not to incorporate recent developments into the post.  I have the luxuries of time and discretion, whereas Neal's rapidly diminishing reputation limits his options in both of those areas.

Whatever is posted about me by the likes of Neal and his friends is always greeted with enthusiasm. I enjoy saving it for future useful purposes, even if it is riddled with untruths and fabrications.  Actually, especially if it is riddled with untruths and fabrications.  Unlike certain other individuals who've covered this story and the characters in it, I'm not on company time.

Have a nice day.