About This Site

Screed of Momus began out of my desire to write voluminously about the things that mattered to me in a way that could persuade others to act in order to effect change. I'm a libertarian minarchist, and anything that increases or expands government power is something I'm going to oppose as a general rule. Trusted Brokers List - www.trustedbrokerslist.com

I was raised in an arch-conservative, fundamentalist Southern Baptist household by two parents who were avowedly right-wing in their politics and persuasions. My first exposure to politics in all of its glory was the Thomas confirmation hearings. I remember being fascinated by the hearings, and I remember later seeing men like Senator Bob Dole and wanting to get to know more about them.

Thus began a life-long fascination with politics, economics, law, and ideological paradigms in general. I always found the right to be more persuasive and intellectually sophisticated; some of my earliest memories of politics on television are of George Will on This Week with David Brinkley. I began reading Robert Bork, George Will, and various others. In 1996, I cast my first vote in an election for Senator Bob Dole, who at that time was the Republican nominee for president.

In 2000, I was disgusted by George W. Bush's blatant tendency to idolize ignorance. He seemed proud of his malapropisms and his mispronunciations, almost affecting an air of hauteur in his stupidity. I thought (and still do think) Al Gore was a pseudo-intellectual, and while I was sitting down watching CSPAN, I witnessed an event that blew my mind. There was Harry Browner, Libertarian nominee for President in 2000 at the convention which would propel him to the nomination. He was eloquent, articulate...and he was right. If he had ever made it onto a debate stage in a televised debate with Gore or Bush, this country would have made history by voting a third-party candidate into the White House.

It was then that I became a Libertarian. As I've evolved over time, I've come to understand that governments rarely expand their power without constricting the liberty of individuals. I've come to distinguish between the Nation and the State, with great affection for the former and utter loathing towards the latter. I've come to believe that the State is little more than a mask for corporatism; moreover, I believe that the State exists solely to do the bidding of those narrow interests who comprise the shareholder class. What is a corporation but a creation of States which gives the owners of a particular business limited liability and infinite mulligans in bankruptcy?

I'm passionate about fighting back, and this blog is one of the ways I do just that. I hope you enjoy it and find it informative.

Jay Batman
January 31, 2010